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Welcoming Back the Light

Happy Spring Equinox!


Happy New Moon in Aries!

It was a strange winter here in Maine. Even with the snow and power outages it never felt like winter held much sway. Listening to the birds, the chickadees were singing their courtship song in January! I trust the birds to be in-sync with Nature's rhythms, and if they think it's warm enough to raise another brood in January then that's a sure sign of a warm winter season.

Despite the warmer winter, I'm still happy to welcome the return of spring and all the bounty and growth it promises. Change is palpable! Along with the melting of the ice, I can feel the deep shifting that's permeating our lives. It's getting stronger and stronger. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels these changes coming.

This spring equinox is a very powerful one for it aligns with the energies of the new moon which falls in the zodiac sign of Aries this month, and Aries marks the beginning of the astrological year. Therefore, not only do we have energies of new beginnings held within the equinox, but these springtime energies are also strengthened by both the new moon and the astrological sign of Aries. This is a very auspicious time for starting new projects, launching a new identity, and for shifting gears and venturing forth in a completely new direction. The Earth, the Moon, and the stars are all supporting us now!



In the spirit of all things "new", I've begun a new project...The Portal Painting Project. I started it back in February and today I'm sharing with you the latest portal painting for spring equinox. These paintings will continue for each of the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days throughout the year. Each painting is a visual portal that embodies the energies of these Celtic festivals. They are intended to be a tool for you to access their energies.

If you missed seeing the Imbolc Portal Painting, here's the link to that blog post.

Spring Equinox Portal Painting

Property of the artist, Janet MacPherson Moller

In a place of balance, of equal polarity, with one hand connected to the deep darkness where potential and possibilities lie and the other raised up to the sun and new life,

a woman faces the coming light as she emerges out of the fertile dark.


If you'd like to see this painting being created I've made a short time-lapse video below.

(duration: 3 min. 42 sec.)

Wishing you all a blessed spring!


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