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How is the Earth speaking to you?
Learn to read the messages within the landscape by interpreting the signs and symbols that appear in your environment.
The world around us is an interactive map, guiding us to live our most authentic and inspired lives. On a subconscious level, we navigate the physical and energetic terrains of this map every day.

Let's expand our understanding...
WE are a part of this map. Our presence influences where we are and who we're with.

When we know how to "read" the map: know the features, compass directions, and boundaries, we are able to then consciously engage with everything and everyone that's with us on (within) the map.

When we can engage consciously in this way, we learn who we really are, where life is leading us, and how we can live in a way that benefits all. 

Engaging with primal nature by navigating this map leads us directly to our own primal wild self. 

How is Earth speaking to you?

Reading Signs & Symbols

The Unexpected

Nature is full of surprises!
Image by Nathan Dumlao
Keep a lookout for unusual occurrences when you are out and about.

Nature is always showing us there is more to life than what meets the eye.

When something out of the ordinary happens, ask yourself "what was I just thinking about?". These signs can give you a sense of direction, validation, and reassurance depending on what was on your mind.

Anything you encounter can be a sign or symbol.
Reflect on what happened.

What did you see or experience?
Look at the colors, the direction from which it came, where it was going, and how it made you feel.
Who else was involved?

Consider the spiritual meaning:
Butterfly - rebirth
Snakeskin - letting go of the past
Sunflowers - follow your bliss; success
Acorn - potential

An example:
A green construction company truck is in front of you traveling in the same direction. - You're on the right path with your creative projects or with how you're growing in your life. Keep going.

** These are all simple examples. What's most important are your own beliefs and interpretations. Listen to what your heart and soul have to say.

Keep an open mind and soon you'll find you're always being guided. 
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