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Image by Zane Līsmane
Holistic Healing for Sick Houses and Sad Places

After a space has been cleared and rebalanced there is a lightness, a freshness, a peaceful expansiveness that can be felt throughout. You find it's easier to breathe and your whole body relaxes. You feel energized and inspired to live well.  

Bringing Harmony and Balance to Your Life

Everything that exists and occurs within a space: physical characteristics, objects, sentient beings and beings of the devic dimensions, earth energies, and experiences, emit an energetic vibration. These energies ripple out into a space coloring it with a unique atmosphere that permeates all that happens there. This has a significant effect on our lives, influencing our state of being, relationships, and choices. When we live in balanced, harmonious places we feel more at ease, our creativity flows, our sleep improves, businesses begin to prosper again, properties sell more quickly, and vitality is restored to a landscape with birds returning and gardens thriving.  


My approach is a holistic one where I work closely with you.

I offer several techniques to help clear, shift, neutralize, and rebalance those energies in your environment that do not support your life. One or more techniques may be used depending on what your situation requires. With every job I do I assess the physical space and the subtle energy field first to gain a clearer understanding of your unique situation and how to proceed. The different techniques I offer are described in detail below.

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Geopathic Stress Remediation

Geopathic Stress is a serious consideration when looking at our health. It can have a significant impact on our physical and psychological well-being. If this noxious energy is not recognized and cleared, its detrimental influence on our health can ripple out into other areas of our lives impacting our relationships, work, and community.  


How It Works

To remedy Geopathic Stress I work directly with the energy fields of the fault lines, mineral concentrations, subterranean cavities, or water veins present in your landscape that are generating the noxious earth energies creating it. By clearing the detrimental energies they are emitting I am able to encourage clear, supportive energy to radiate into and through your space.

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Psychic Disturbance Clearing

Psychic Disturbances often occur where Geopathic Stress is present. They are the activities generated by the Psychic Presence within a place – by the discarnates, entities, and other disembodied spirits present there. To quote geomancy expert Sig Lonegren, they are the 'ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night'. Most often they are attracted to the charged energy fields of Geopathic Stress. Typically places with strong yin polarity, heavy emotional trauma, and blocked or detrimental earth energies will be harboring some Psychic Presence. Some are benign, but others can be unfriendly generating challenging disturbances. These Psychic Disturbances contribute an unsettled, sometimes eerie quality to the atmosphere of a place.  

How It Works

Occasionally I come across a situation where it is advised not to clear the Psychic Presence, but most of the time I am guided to.  With the highest vibrations of love and light, I utilize various shamanic methods to clear them. Often this is the first step I take when working geomantically on a place.  It allows us to move forward with the geomantic work undisturbed.  Once this is complete I proceed with Geopathic Stress Remediation, Earth Acupuncture, and Space Clearing to bring the work to completion.

"Janet was able to mitigate the negative energy that was affecting our home, land, and health. We saw marked improvement within a very short time."


                             ~ B. & C. Trudeau


Image by Austin Neill

Earth Acupuncture

Earth Acupuncture brings expansive energy, clarity, vitality, and renewal to a landscape by helping to clear emotional residue, trauma, and Geopathic Stress being held there. It works in a similar way to acupuncture, the Chinese healing modality that is practiced on the human body. An acupuncturist inserts needles at nodal points along meridians of energy thereby affecting the flow and quality of energy moving along each meridian. As a result, renewed health and vitality return to the client.  


How It Works

By placing one 'acupuncture needle', I use a steel rod, on a single nodal point in the subtle body of the landscape, I am able to affect the energy field of the entire property. The 'acupuncture rod' then becomes a channel through which fear-based energies are released and Divine vibrations are fed in and infused into the landscape. As a result, the emotional residue, trauma, and Geopathic Stress the land was holding is released and replaced with higher loving energies. When the 'acupuncture rod' is removed the land radiates with peace, vitality, and wholeness.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is the practice of harmonizing the energies in a place using ancient methods that have been practiced in many cultures around the world.  People in India, China, Japan, and Egypt have all practiced Space Clearing to help a space feel better. In our geomantic work Space Clearing is most often done as a final energy-clearing step following other rebalancing work. Geopathic Stress Remediation, Psychic Disturbance Clearing, and Earth Acupuncture are steps we take first to clear any energetic imbalances and traumas found on a deep energetic level, those aspects that are held within the earth itself.


Space Clearing works on clearing the emotional and mental residue that naturally collects within buildings over time, and the energetic residue caused by any Geopathic Stress and Psychic Disturbance that may have been present.  


How It Works 

I use a combination of sound, smudging, visualization, and intention to clear a space. Along with visualization and intention, any of the following may be used to help shift the stagnant, disturbed energies - Tibetan bells, music, toning, clapping, sage smudge sticks, and incense.  

Image by Peter Mason

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