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A poem that embodies what Earth-Heart Arts is all about.

The Shores of Your Becoming


To see what the heron sees.

To know what the boulder knows.

To embody the fiery currents traveling      

     along the sun's rays, or be held by     

     the soft gaze of the waning moon.

All of these teach     

     what your skin was born to witness,     

     your soul born to bear,     

     your life born to entrain to, and      

     your unique purpose born to encompass.


The sparkle in the eyes of a faun and     

     the seed dancing on the air     

     call out to you in ethereal tones,     

     "Step out! Unfurl! Untether your yearning and                       catch the breeze                 

                 coaxing you from your slumbering.     

     Follow the infinite flow...                                                                                   follow... follow it                                            to the shores of your becoming."

                                                                                           © Janet MacPherson Moller

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