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Image by Jack Anstey

  "You can just look at a thing,

              or you can really 'see' what you're looking at."

~ R. Ogilvie Crombie 

                                   (Founding member of the Findhorn Community)

Uncover the treasures that your land, home or business holds.

I offer Property Assessments for those who are interested in understanding their land on a deeper, more expanded level.  An assessment can be helpful if you are considering a purchase, planning new construction, renovating an existing space, or working on a landscaping project.  If you simply want to understand a current situation from a different perspective, having your property assessed can be very informative and lead to new directions. Property Assessments are opportunities to uncover the hidden treasures that your land, home or business hold; and having a more in depth understanding of your property helps you make informed decisions.  

How It Works

I look at your space from both tangible and subtle energy levels.  This provides me with a valuable glimpse into the relationship between your environment and your life.  From this new understanding I can then move forward and bring alignment to this relationship.  Your built environment and your purpose, intention, and personal presence can then be brought into balance. 

What is Considered

Every situation is unique.  Your life, your property, and your intention differ in its specifics from others.  For this reason, I approach your situation considering only those aspects that are pertinent to your unique needs.  

Tangible Level


Sun Angles

Star/Planet/Constellation Positions

Vegetation Growth 


Water Features

Soil Composition

Animal, Bird & Insect Behavior

Location of Buildings On/Off Site

Condition of Buildings

Relationship to the Larger Area

Architectural Features

Interior Layout

Electrical/Plumbing/Air Systems

Relationship Health

Employee Turnover

Productivity Levels

Next Steps

Are you ready to take the next step? Please select from the options below if you have questions or wish to schedule an assessment of your property.  


Subtle Level

Place Memory

Earth Energies

Cosmic Energies

Nature Intelligences

Psychic Boundaries

Psychic Presence

Geopathic Stress

Technopathic Stress

Emotional/Spiritual Health

Mental/Creative Health

Energy of Color

Energy of Sound



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