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Bring your environment into alignment for peace and well-being. 

GEOMANCY (anchor)


Find Peace and Harmony
where You Are!

An Ancient Practice.      A Path of Deep Connection.      An Inspired Way of Living.

Our environments influence our lives,
impacting our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical selves in powerful ways.

Besides ourselves,
the relationships we have with Place are the most intimate
relationships we have.

The influences of these relationships can be hidden from us unless we know what to look for.

To deepen your connection with wild nature it's important to feel safe in and supported by your environment. When you're at ease you can open up to the mysteries of the earth and find joy in your experiences more fully and easily.

This is where Geomancy can help you.

I know this can feel both daunting and exciting, but with the right approach, your life can become rich and rewarding. 

Imagine a place that feels safe, comfortable, and nourishing.
Imagine yourself thriving, and no matter the circumstances,
your life is simply good and you feel reassured and peaceful.

"This is what I have been searching for all my life - a place of rest and a sense of having found my way home.  Janet's card says, 'Find peace and harmony where you are.', and that is exactly what is happening.  Brilliant!"

Geomancy is an ancient holistic practice that acknowledges the visible and invisible characteristics of the Earth.


When working to neutralize, revitalize, and rebalance the various expressions of subtle energy in the landscape, in a manner that honors and is in sync with the cycles of time, a geomancer is able to shape environments that are in alignment and energetically beneficial.


Geomancers essentially create places where all life is nurtured and can thrive. In this way, they support you for you begin to exist within and engage with an energy field that is empowering and life-supporting.


We all benefit from these balanced energies and enhanced vitality, for any geomantic work that's done ripples out and impacts the wider world in positive and long-lasting ways.


The Geomancy practice I offer is rooted in the current understanding of the Earth as being a living conscious entity; one we are in a constant dynamic relationship with and that shapes our lives in beautiful and profound ways.

Our environments can be mysterious.
Let me help you uncover some of what's hidden where you live so you can strengthen your sense of place and feel supported where you are.

 Explore Geomancy 


Site Energy Assessment

Spatial Needs Consultation

Geopathic Stress Remediation

Psychic Disturbance Clearing

Space Clearing 

Image by Jack Anstey
Image by David Marcu

Geomancy is a vast and potentially overwhelming subject.
Whether you have questions you want answered, or if you're ready to jump in and get started, I'm excited to connect with you. 


For those Who Like to Do Things Themselves

If you're someone who likes to roll up your sleeves and do things yourself, and you're eager to learn how to create the perfect environment that is designed around your unique needs (no one knows you as well as you), I've written a book of 10 tips to guide you. 

Access the "Quick Reference Guide" below.

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