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Strengthen your intuition and nourish your connection with Nature using oracle cards.

Oracle cards are a beautiful and transformative way of engaging in deep, soul-satisfying dialogue with the magical,
subtle realms of the Earth.

Whether you are interested in using oracle cards for yourself, or you're curious about the Circle of Self ~ Circle of Place reading, all the information and links below will help guide you on your path.


These 2 oracle decks will help you:
~ hear the voice of the Earth
~ learn how she speaks to you
~ learn how you can connect with Earth on a deeper level
~ understand how your body's intelligence engages with the            subtle realms

Ultimately, these cards are designed to support you
in reawakening your primal wild self.
Deepen your connection with the sentient presence of Earth
where direct engagement and embodied experience
of the subtle realms of Nature are at the heart of every reading.


 The Earth Mystic's Path

Together we'll harness the power of divination and the vesica piscis
to reveal your soul's unique 'Earth Language' using the Keys to Nature Connection Oracle Deck.

Woman walking on sand beach_edited.jpg
Follow the Earth Mystic's Path.
Receive a one-on-one Circle of Self ~ Circle of Place reading and explore how your land informs your life.
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