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Image by David Marcu

"Different places on the face of the earth

have different vital effluence,

different vibration, different chemical exhalation,

different polarity with different stars:

call it what you like.

But the spirit of place is a great reality."

                                            ~ D.H. Lawrence

Are you experiencing any of these scenarios?

Is your energy often depleted?

Do you no longer feel comfortable in your own home?

Do you feel blocked creatively where little inspires you? 

Have you been struggling in your relationships and everything you've tried hasn't helped?  

Do you or someone in your family have difficulty sleeping or suffer from intense nightmares?  

Has there been a change in your neighborhood that ever since it happened your home               hasn't felt quite right?  

Is your business struggling?  

Are you a business owner who is having a hard time finding and retaining qualified,                     dedicated employees?  

Have you decided to buy a new home and want to make sure that you find the most suitable       house for you and your family?  

Are you looking for guidance and support around where to site your new home on property

   you've recently purchased?  

Are you looking for the most ideal location for your new business or project?

Do you want to get to know your land on a deeper more profound level?  

Do you want to create a labyrinth or other sacred space on your land?

As Above So Below.  As Within So Without.  All is Connected.

Geomancy literally translates as 'Earth Divination'. It is an ancient practice that, up until recently, cultures worldwide have recognized and adhered to. Geomancers work with the relationship between our lives, our environment and the intangible realms of energy that influence and inspire them. We honor the conscious intelligence within nature and recognize the importance of shaping our lives in alignment with the spirit, energetic frequency and physical characteristics of a place.  

Subtle realms of energy inspire and influence the world of form and therefore our lives, just as what lies beneath the surface of a stream shapes its flow and character.

Geomancy, in essence, offers a path of existing in right-relationship with the earth where the hidden treasures within the land are acknowledged and attuned to. If you find yourself feeling out of balance in some area of your life, or you are interested in creating a new space where the elements of the place and your needs are in alignment, Geomancy can assist you.

How Geomancy has helped others

Improved sleep

Feelings of inner peace

Relief from anxiety, moodiness and depression

Experiences of abundance flowing in

Overall improved health and well-being

Improved mental clarity 

Diminished feelings of overwhelm

Improved plant growth in the garden

Feelings of security

Feelings of empowerment

Overall increase in energy

Peace and resolution in relationships

Deeper awareness of the Spirits of Place

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