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After Janet's visit I had a much better understanding of my relationship with the energies of my land and how they affect my life. Her work combines her broad knowledge of geomancy along with her gentle approach.


~ Carol L. (Condominium Owner)      

Janet Moller is truly a 'light worker'. Her work with earth energies is remarkable. Janet was able to mitigate the negative energy that was affecting our home, land, and health. We saw marked improvement within a very short time. Her work is transformative - she restored balance to both our property and household environment. She was able to give us some historical perspective on what had transpired in the vicinity, thus enhancing her ability to heal our space. Janet also returned as a follow-up at no extra charge and continued to monitor the changes over the next several months as needed. We would highly recommend her!

~ B. & C. Trudeau (Homeowners)

Dear Janet,

I've already told you verbally how much of a change your work created in my office space. It just felt (and continues to feel) so whole and healthy after you finished diverting energies and balancing things in such a harmonious manner. I'll never forget your 'intuition' about the need for more nature (animal) presence - owl, giraffe, bear, crab and others are all now comfortably settled there!

By the way, my friend's house also felt very different after you completed your work. I had always felt very uncomfortable there until your visit.

With love and deep respect,

E. Dodd

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I find it hard to express the gentle power that Janet is and offers. She is so kind and so "in tune" I feel honored to work with her. Her services, for me, have been monumental in my physical, mental and emotional healing. Making my space a place of beauty, safety and refuge is essential in order for me to bring these qualities with me out into the world. Janet is an earth angel/healer without question.  No words could express my gratitude for her kindness and compassion as well.

~ Anonymous (Condominium Owner)

Janet brings knowledge, experience, wisdom and integrity to her work. She has changed my environment from a stress-filled apartment to a home that honors my boundaries and my spirit.  

I believe that living in concert with all these energies brings truth and peace to my life - and this is where Janet continues to be a valuable resource and all 'round wonderful human!  

I love working with Janet and highly recommend her as a woman who makes a real difference.

~ Laurie C. (Apartment Dweller)

Several weeks after relocating to a new address, I continued to experience nausea and insomnia while in my living space. I decided to call Janet. She came over at the appointed time, professional, refreshing energy, enthusiastic, and up to the task. Janet asked some questions, then set about assessing the space, both inside and out. A while later, she shared her findings with me, and in an organized and systematic fashion, began to clear the space. Finally, she spent time on my own inner space (my personal energy body), working along my spine. Janet prescribed a 2-week regimen of flower essences, which I began immediately. That night, and thereon out, I slept soundly, and the next day I felt great! A quick return to health and well-being!

Janet receives my highest recommendation!

~ M. Uhlig (Apartment Dweller)

I first started working with Janet in 2000 and highly recommend her for anything related to Geomancy and Earth Energies. The scope of our work included Feng Shui, dowsing for energy leys, earth acupuncture, and the discovery of a power center. Her depth of knowledge and expertise had a huge impact on how we utilized our living space to create a harmonious relationship within our home and on our land. Please contact Janet and tell her we sent you.


~ D. Morais (Homeowner)

During the property assessment and healing, Janet suggested that I meditate with the trees and the mountain which have a large presence on my land. Once I began to do that there came a sense of profound healing. This is what I have been searching for all my life - a place of rest and a sense of having found my way home. Her card says, "Find peace and harmony where you are.", and that is exactly what is happening. Brilliant!

~ Anonymous (Homeowner)

Hi Janet,

It's been almost 2 new moons since you worked to clear and uplift the flow of energy here. And I have the most amazing news. The pear trees we planted ten years ago are displaying their first blossoms ever!!! We are so delighted! In addition, the apple trees (a Cortland and a Honeycrisp) have more blossoms on them than we have seen since we planted them 6 or 7 years ago. This all seems a very auspicious display of the new energy flow here.

Much Love to you!

J. Young (Homeowner)

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