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Learning thru Sharing

   Join together in community to learn, engage and celebrate Earth!  


Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Wisdom Circles

Come join a magical group of people who gravitate towards the deep, mystical and profound.

This is a community where we share our experiences with wild sentient Nature through engaging in lively and soulful conversations. Together we traverse the muddy, misty, and cosmic, seeking out heart and home within the land, sea and sky.

Our world is transforming and we're part of this rebirthing time. Let's come together and add our love, beauty and light to that which is arising. 

 Held in person - Seasonally

The location varies. Please contact me to learn how you can join us. 

Earth Oracle Gatherings

Strengthening the Web of Light

During these potent times of change we're being encouraged to evolve our way of being here on Earth.

As the Earth evolves humanity is being woven into Her consciousness in new expanded ways. We're becoming a more embodied aspect of Her.

By creating portals of light within landscapes around the world, strengthening the Web of Light, and awakening to and integrating sacred geometric frequencies within the terrestrial field, we can contribute to the significant evolutionary changes unfolding at this time. 



It's our intention to connect in with the Earth Energy Grid, add our light to it and receive Earth Light as well utilizing the Keys to Nature Connection and Embodied Nature Connection Oracle Cards. This is the essence of these gatherings. Receiving guidance, insights and clarity within a group of like-minded people will further deepen and solidify our experiences.



Our plan is very much in the developmental stages. If you feel called to be a part of this powerful work, we'd love to connect with you and hear your thoughts. We're looking for places of high frequency within the Earth's energetic field where we can meet as a group. Financial support and creative ideas on marketing and fund raising on a global scale are welcome as well.

Image by Kate Remmer

 The Art of Nesting

An In-person Class for Heart, Soul and Land

Align your heart and home with the energies of the land.


To be able to create a home space within which to live, to connect, and to thrive is key to a happy life. The material taught in this class is based on the book, The Art of Nesting: 10 Tips for Living in Alignment with Place.


Start living a life of connection and meaning rooted in the power of place and your own sense of belonging. This class shows you how using the 10 tips to guide you. 


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