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Subtle ripples echo along the strands of mystery.

They're barely perceptible at the outer reaches of your gaze.

Soften... open... let your reality shift.

Witness the wild dance of the hidden,

of those who dwell in a parallel place within place,

and time beyond time. 

The devic dimensions are woven into the very fabric of our lives.

As children, many of us perceived the world through an unfiltered, untainted lens. Our understanding of life grew out of our connections with the conscious intelligence that existed within the subtle energetic realms of physical form. Not only did the world delight us thru our five senses, but our hearts connected with energies and worlds that exist beyond space and time.  

The devic dimensions, those subtle energy fields that lie just beyond our everyday perceptions, inspire our creativity, our built environments, our interactions with others, our choices, and our experiences. All the infinite details of our lives are influenced by, and composed of conscious intelligent beings that exist within this world beyond what our five senses perceive. We cannot exist separate from them. They are intrinsically a part of us, woven into the very fabric of our lives.

Spirits of Place

The devic dimensions are teeming with conscious intelligent beings. 'Deva' is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning 'shining one'. In populating this field of subtle energy, the 'shining ones' exist in a vast array of shapes and sizes with expressions specific to their purpose and location. Spirits of Place & Time, Gods & Goddesses, Landscape Devas, Elementals, Faeries, Elves, Dryads, Guardian Spirits, Angels, and the conscious intelligence of each individual stone, tree, plant, cloud, thought, inspiration, action, animal, bird, and human being, etc., are all vital forces that make the life of form possible and influence its expression. These beings are responsible for everything from nurturing plant growth and directing the flow of blood thru our veins to distributing life force to vast areas of the landscape and guiding storms and planetary activity.  

Image by Ray Hennessy


The act of perceiving with a new tantalizing awareness that which has become dull, unimportant, to be disregarded, or of no use; thereby changing it into something that is vital, necessary, impassioned, worthy of engagement, respect and appreciation.

We all have our own unique connection with the Earth.

Most of us have been introduced to these beings that dwell in the subtle realms thru the myths, legends, fairy tales, and fantasy stories that have been written about them. But, we also have our own unique relationships with, and understanding of the 'shining ones' in our daily lives. We are in constant communication with them. They come to us when they choose, but we can reach out and ask to be connected with them. We can begin to re-wonder our world, to experience the magic that we knew as children. The method of choice is to have an open heart and ground oneself in a space of gentleness and wonder. Reconnect with the innocent child within and expect the unexpected!   

“The devas, who at first seemed to be far-off beings, through a joyous communion grew into close companions until eventually, they made me realize that they, like the kingdom of heaven, are within.”

                                             ~ Dorothy Maclean (Founding Member of the Findhorn Community)

Nature spirits want us to reach out to them. They are eager to work with us. If you have felt drawn to them, consider the possibility that they are reaching out to you. Using care and common sense, follow their promptings and open yourself to the blessings and beauty they offer.  


Expect to be delighted!

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