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Geomancy expands your understanding of reality. It opens you up to a whole new level and depth of awareness of how your life fits in with the world around you. My process reflects this and honors and respects your unique situation.

Intuitive awareness combined with proven skills and practices.

My style of working is intuitive, open-hearted, deeply detailed, precise, focused

and inclusive.

I draw upon my skills as a dowser and my interior design background to better understand and work with your particular environment.


I create a safe sacred space within which we meet and work. The details of your life that you share with me are kept confidential. This helps create an effective, satisfying experience for all.


I trust that we were brought together for a reason, and that the information I receive is exactly what I need to know to support you in your life.

Throughout the process we will discuss your unique situation in ways that guide us beneath the surface of your life to uncover the hidden influences that are helping to create your current experience.


We will be guided towards creative solutions that establish new, balanced, vibrant environments, whether with an existing space or new construction.



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