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"Men are affected by streams of varying potency issuing from the Earth.  Some of these drive people crazy, or cause disease and death, the effect of others is good, soothing and beneficial."

                                           ~ Plutarch (1st Century Platonist Philosopher)

Energy Leys  -  Water Veins  -  Power Centers  -  Vortexes

The earth is covered in a web of subtle energies, a web of chi paths and energy centers that distribute the life force throughout the planet. They radiate a vibration of energy, an electromagnetic field, that our bodies are highly receptive to and that influences our behavior.  

In Chinese geomantic tradition, these chi paths are known as dragons; and two of the most prevalent found in the western geomantic tradition of the British Isles are energy leys and water veins. Where these two subtle energies cross one another we find power centers, places of heightened energy. It is widely accepted that numerous sacred sites, monuments, and temples from stone circles to cathedrals, have been built over power centers, illustrating that our ancestors understood the energetic landscape and its influence on life thousands of years ago.

In addition to chi paths, there are concentrations of swirling energies known as energy vortexes. Similar to power centers they too, can be found around the world and in our local area. Sedona, Arizona, Stonehenge in England, and the Great Pyramid in Egypt are famous examples of places with vortex energy. 

Living on the earth we are very aware of the dynamic forces of this planet. We observe ocean currents circulating, rivers flowing, plants growing and dying, winds blowing, tides rising and falling, seasons changing, and the weather developing. These are all planetary forces we detect through our five senses, but there is a vast amount of activity that occurs beyond what our five senses can perceive. Some of these imperceptible forces, such as X-rays, infrared rays, and ultrasound (frequencies higher than 20 kHz), can be detected using cameras, scanners and various other man-made technologies developed using scientific findings. However, there are some forces that our technologies have been unable to detect. These are the powerful electromagnetic frequencies of water veins, energy leys, power centers and energy vortexes.   

The ability to perceive earth energies lies in our body's intelligence.

These energy leys, water veins, power centers, and energy vortexes that cannot be detected using our current man-made technologies can be perceived through our own body's intelligence system, specifically the perceptions felt on the emotional, feeling, and consciousness levels. Our ability to perceive these subtle energies opens us to a deeper understanding of earth energies. In the future, we will likely have developed technologies to detect these earth energies, but at this time in our history we must rely on our own intuition, feelings and emotions to understand them.

Energy Leys

Energy leys are straight pathways of cosmic energy that average 6 - 8 feet wide. They enter the earth vertically at power centers and travel down to a depth of a few hundred feet. Once at this depth, they turn and continue at right angles along a straight path for 20 to 30 miles on average, although shorter and longer lengths have been detected, before again making another right-angled turn and exiting the earth. 

Energy leys emit an electromagnetic field of varying degrees potency that extends vertically up through the earth and continues above ground through multiple floors of a building. The electromagnetic field of an energy ley brings heightened energy to a place. This can be beneficial when the heightened energy is in alignment with the activity occurring there. But, if the activity requires a more subdued, calm energy, an imbalance can occur. 

Characteristics of Energy Leys

Stimulating : Energizing : Masculine Yang Energy

Water Veins

Water veins are streams of water made up of primary water blended with groundwater. Their paths follow a non-linear, winding course underground determined by the subterranean landscape. Primary water is a product of the hydrological cycle that is completely contained below ground. The ground water system differs in that it is a product of the hydrological cycle that exists above ground. It includes cloud formation, evaporation, rain, rivers, oceans and the underground water table. Primary water is formed deep within the earth as steam that eventually collects into pockets of liquid water that, under tremendous pressure, rises up through the layers of earth and either joins streams of ground water or bubbles to the surface. Places where it comes to the surface are known as holy wells. When it rises up in a vertical column and hits an impermeable layer, it is called a water dome because its shape resembles a dome at this stage. If there are fissures and cracks present along the sides of the column, the water under pressure is then forced out laterally and follows these fissures and cracks for great distances underground.

The flowing movement of water veins creates an electromagnetic field that extends vertically up from the vein into the environment above, and even up through each floor of a building. If we spend extended periods of time within their energy field their electromagnetic energy can have harmful effects on our health, affecting us on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of consciousness. Water veins that become polluted physically or psychically put our health at further risk.

Characteristics of Water Veins

Calming : Relaxing : Quieting : Feminine Yin Energy

Power Centers

Power centers are places where the connection to the Divine, to the world of spirit, can be felt more easily. They radiate an energy that affects universal consciousness. Many sacred sites have been built over power centers. Stonehenge and Chartres Cathedral are two famous examples. The key determining factor of power centers is that they have both yang energy leys and yin water veins intersecting one another.  

Yin & Yang

When the straight stimulating cosmic yang energy of an energy ley comes together with the non-linear winding telluric yin energy of a water vein an energy field is created that is far more powerful than either produces on its own. Yin and yang are energies found within all life. They are the two basic components of the universe that paradoxically oppose and complement one another. Where these energies come together you have an expression of the fundamentals of the universe, of matter, and of consciousness. This is the power that is made manifest within power centers.

Characteristics of Power Centers

Heightened Energies : Balance of Yin & Yang Energies : Field of Universal Energy

Energy Vortexes

"A vortex is a mass of energy that moves in a rotary or whirling motion, causing a depression or vacuum at the center...  These powerful eddies of pure Earth power manifest as spiral-like coagulations of energy that are either electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic qualities of life force."

                                ~ Page Bryant, Terravision: A Traveler's Guide to the Living Planet Earth

Energy vortexes are closely connected with gravitational anomalies, places where light bends, animals become distressed and plants grow in twisted, contorted shapes. In these places gravity seems to disappear and the conditions are perfect for energy vortexes to develop. Vortex energy spirals upward or downward into the earth, and depending on the direction, has a very different feeling associated with it. Downward spiraling vortexes feel heavier while upward spiraling vortexes have an uplifting energy.


These swirling centers of vortex energy can both anchor memories and human activity, and enhance energies that support healing and Divine connection. Many people connect with the high vibrations of vortexes and feel inspired and recharged after spending time within them. At other times, they find them disconcerting and respond with fear. In either case, energy vortexes influence the energy field of a place in significant ways.

Characteristics of Energy Vortexes

Concentration of Swirling Energy : Restorative Energy Fields : Grounded Energy Fields

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