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Dancing Stone Jewelry

Beach stone jewelry that connects you to nature's beauty.
Surf-tumbled Stones ~ Hand-painted Designs ~ All One-of-a-kind 

"It's nice to have a piece of art with you wherever you go."                                                ~ Custom Order Recipient
Every piece of jewelry is a talisman linking you to the magical wonder of ancient memories.
A Stone: a time capsule of a place and time, of an event held frozen
in stasis waiting for someone to witness it.
Stones speak to those with a perceptive heart and willing patience. From out of this space, these handpainted designs have emerged, like long-held stories desiring to be seen.
"These are little pieces of magic!"
                   ~ Show Attendee
It's believed by some who study and revere the ancient stone temples built by our ancestors, that stones hold memory, that they are libraries of hidden knowledge. 
To sit with a stone is to ask it to share its secrets with you.
Stones know the power of slow time and transformation, for over the entire life of the Earth they have been formed by fire, shaped by water, witnessed and tested by air, and at the pace of growth unseen, are transformed into sand and soil.
We are comforted by stones. They help us to feel secure and connected to the Earth. They reassure us, helping to steady us when our world is teetering and nothing feels familiar - when all we yearn for is the presence of unwavering truth. 

Support local by shopping at these select stores.
These businesses always have a great selection of Dancing Stone Jewelry earrings and necklaces.

 Support Local Businesses 
Shop these well-loved stores that have carried my jewelry for many years.

Once A Tree - Camden, Maine

a-Marie's Made In Maine - Portland & Bath
Gifts at 136 - Damariscotta, Maine

Important Note:
Every piece of jewelry is unique and one-of-a-kind.
What this means is that each store will have a jewelry selection that the others do not have. 
The variety of choices is exciting, yet reliable. I'm always focused on bringing in new colors and designs to keep the selection fresh and inviting while continuing to create the designs you love.
A selection of necklaces and earrings is available in the SHOP.
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