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Words to empower, inspire, and deepen nature connection. 
Receive the guidance and insights you need to support you on your Earth-Heart journey.
The world of books, which when engaged with an open mind and curious heart, can open you to wondrous new realms and help to ground your life both in your heart and your surrounding landscape in a way that is joyous, nourishing, and soul-satisfying.
Book: The Art of Nesting
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Live in
Right Relationship with Place

Align your heart and home with the energies of the land.

Create a home that reflects your heart and wild soul held within a deep understanding and honoring of the landscape around you. The Art of Nesting can help you discover a new way of living by showing you how to uncover the beauty and blessings present in your life right now.

  • Align with your heart's truth and shape your home to honor you.

  • Learn the steps to take to make heart-centered changes at home.

  • Discover the magical, nurturing relationship you have with the Earth and your own landscape and learn respectful ways to work with it.

  • Come into a more intimate relationship with beauty and presence.

  • Start living a life of connection and meaning rooted in the power of place and your own sense of belonging.

  • Embrace your heart and wild soul for guidance. 

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