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Autumn's Gift

The veil between worlds is thinning. The leaves are changing, and yet I can still make out with my inner eye the presence of summer held in the aged glow of their colors. As their vibrant greens harden and fade to yellows, browns, salmon orange and red, I feel the inevitable change coming on and empathize with the cycle of release many of us here in the northern hemisphere are now experiencing. Summer has gone, autumn is upon us and winter is coming.

I love autumn. Autumn brings me so much joy and a sense of welcome ease. I am so happy the dog days of summer are well behind us; and the resting coolness of the exhaling evergreens and the damp earth envelop me every time I walk out the door. It's an invigorating time of year while simultaneously I feel given the permission to relax.

But this autumn my life is very busy. This year the busyness of summer continues – autumn is dancing to the same fast-paced tune as that of August. Instead of quiet days and reacquainting myself with the inner stillness and quiet spaciousness that I love about autumn, I find my calendar full with house building projects and business development, and... more house building projects. I am extremely grateful for both of these for they enrich my life and bring creativity and the promise of dreams come true. But... as the old saying goes, "When it rains, it pours."

This year I am balancing work and rest, with doing and thinking, all intertwined with a long list of tantalizing ideas and enticing inspirations vying for my attention. "Not yet." I regrettably tell myself. You see, I want to do them all now. When I'm inspired or my day dreams conjure up new exciting projects the initial magical impulse carries me for a while until I realize, with a thud and a heavy sigh, that I must finish this project over here first, and that my responsibilities over there don't allow the time and space for anything new right now. These new tantalizing ideas must wait. So, I set them aside, keeping them tucked away for another day.

We're cyclical beings. For our health and well-being, we must remember to exhale, to rest, to nourish ourselves within the peace and beauty of release...of death.

Despite the busyness of my life, there is a part of me that feels a bit hollow and dry. All the comings and goings of summer have drained me, but in a good way. Just like the leaves changing their colors and falling to the receptive earth below, I too, amongst all the busyness am giving myself permission to let go and to simply allow things to change. The cool early morning mist, the call of the crows and the sharp barks of the chipmunks and the soft October sunlight, they're all a soothing balm to my hyper-focused self. These moments are little oases of relief amongst the constant demands on my time.

Life is busy for many of us right now, and even in the middle of all this busyness we can still receive autumn's gift of release and find renewal in letting go.


I invite you to join me. Even if you're feeling frazzled with too many things to do. Or you also find yourself with a To-Do List that shimmers with delectable delights that are just too much for your soul to take on right now. It's okay to set them aside for a short while and let yourself respond to the wild invitation of autumn.

Come outside and seek out the falling leaves and

the mists hanging over the marshes and suspended amongst the trees.

Breathe in the pungent aromas of the soil and

lay down upon the cool stone.

Empty yourself of all stresses and burdens.

Go with the flow.

Follow the autumnal currents of release and

simply let all your burdens go.

Bundle up and venture outside while the veil between worlds is thin, where you're encouraged to let go. For to release and find peace and ease in the energies of autumn is to discover a kinship with all the life around you, and in that place real meaningful connection can be found. This is the true gift of autumn.

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