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Sing the Song of Spring!


On the Heels of the Storm

The wind

quiet, a more peaceful


spun around from southeast

to west

Upon it through my open window

flies in, like on the wings of a

persistent dream,

the song of all songs, the raspy

utterance from out of the leafless

thicket is sent

reflected bony twigs carrying the

song, like the old woman's truth

sent across pregnant water to

my unsuspecting ear

the promise brought by the

winged one who perches upon the

winter-worn branch


beak proudly raised announcing out

into the quiet air, red flashes

bright like his message.

He's returned!

Storm reveals in its wake

the announcing song of

the red-winged blackbird,

our warm weather friend.

His message?

Spring has arrived!


Balance ~ Growth ~ Harmony

At this time of balance when day and night are equal, we can really notice how the energies are growing here in the northern hemisphere.

Hope and renewal encourage us as buds grow and blossom. Vibrant possibilities and inspirations bring us the promise of new life, and exciting new opportunities are more prevalent as the natural world becomes more and more melodic and colorful.

Spring is here! We can feel the energies within the Earth more strongly now. The land is humming, birds are returning, constellations are shifting, and the sun is noticeably brighter.

If we listen in closely enough, we can even hear the great communal exhale ripple out across the energy grid as those who prefer summer over winter emerge from their protective hideaways. The cold of winter is loosening its grip. Any snow that falls is fleeting. We can trust the warmth to stay now.

There's a relaxation, a relief that's noticeable to those who are sensitive to such things. Like the mother crocodile who listens intently for the quiet chirps of her young just before they hatch, we, too on a deep bodily level, respond to what is being born within our lives. We awaken to what's growing just as the natural world around us begins to blossom and bloom.

These are some of the many beautiful blessings of Spring Equinox.

Wishing you all that is bright and nourishing about this time of year.

Much Love,


Photography Credit: Unsplash

Poem written by Janet MacPherson Moller

FYI: No A.I.-created content was used in this blog. All text, thoughts and opinions have been carefully considered, curated and written by me, Janet MacPherson Moller.


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