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The Joy of Getting Lost

When we find ourselves lost, most often we react. Confusion, panic and a sense of urgency rises up in us. We get sweaty palms, our breathing becomes shallow, and our thoughts become scrambled.

Can you relate? Have you ever been lost? I have, yes, and those times of having no clue as to where I was were not pleasant. Fear would be in full-on red mode if I was not careful to rein it in quickly.

And, getting lost can be delicious! A time-out-of-time when you’re caught up, held in a swirling vortex of beauty. Your inner child awakens and your heart can’t help but skip and twirl and eagerly seek out more ways to be lost.

"What!?", I hear you say.

Have I lost you? (I couldn't resist the pun! :-))

I am encouraging you to get lost more often.

Yes, I'm suggesting you consciously choose to let go of the shore and allow yourself to be whisked away down stream to a magical world where nothing matters but what the moment you're in is offering you. Beauty and grace are waiting for you there.

“Wait a minute!”, I hear you saying.

Let me explain...

Most often when one is lost it’s not something one has chosen. No, it’s an experience we stumble upon. Not planned, not scheduled in our calendars, not sought after in anyway. It sneaks up on us … and BAM!, we look up, spin around and have absolutely no idea as to where we are, how we got there, nor how to get to where we want to be.

One could also say, with a loss of a sense of where we are we feel lost as to who we are.

And, there is another side to being lost – a magical side.

The magic of being lost is in the suspension of doing, going, attempting, striving … and simply floating – allowing oneself to be held by the moment, experiencing all that makes up that moment you are in.

Your invitation?

To let yourself be carried away!

So much beauty and wisdom is available to us when we release control and allow ourselves the mental space to be lost.

New paths, new patterns, and new relationships are offered to our inquisitive imagination leading to an expanded consciousness which further leads to new ideas, solutions, opportunities … and ultimately, new worlds.

Join me and let’s get lost together.

Let us connect with the beauty of sentient nature and let the landscape lead us. In so doing, we learn more about Earth and discover something new about us. It’s a win win!

This is what my work is all about.

Bridging - Connecting - Illuminating

It's at the heart of what I do.

In my oracle card readings, geomancy work, wisdom circles and classes, I offer you the opportunity to strengthen your sense of place which leads directly to inner peace, depth of understanding, inspired action, and a renewed sense of belonging.

Becoming lost is how we begin.

There are some fun and engaging opportunities coming up in July where you and I can connect.

Honoring Rivers is our next Earth-Heart Wisdom Circle planned for July 10th. We'll be coming together to celebrate and honor the Royal River in Yarmouth, Maine. Learn more here.

Hope you’ll join us.



Thank you to the spirits of Nasturtium and Berger Daisies for leading me to spontaneously get lost, and inspiring me to write this blog.

This blog post is a real life example of what can happen when one gets lost – we become inspired to share what we experienced with others.

Become lost and discover you’re not lost at all!

All photography property of Janet MacPherson Moller.


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