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Earth-Heart  Wisdom Circles

Photo Credit: AF - @125ashleyf

Coming together to share our love for rivers.

Rivers are all around us, in the ground beneath us, and within our own bodies. Connectors and carriers, their waters and wandering paths of dynamic life force are the life blood of Earth. Join me and a group of magical people for a fun, nourishing evening as we share stories, deepen our connection with the Earth, and celebrate the powerful, pulsing flow of rivers in our lives.

Join us for a magical evening of: 

Gathering in Community

Open-hearted Sharing

Compassionate Witnessing

Deep Nature Connection

Nourishing Reflection

Returning to a Sense of Belonging


 Royal River Park in Yarmouth, Maine 

(meet in the parking lot off of East Elm Street)

**Bring a chair or blanket to sit on if you wish. A large blanket will be available.**

July 10, 2024

6:00pm - sunset


(Suggested donations of $20 gratefully accepted.)

Join us in Honoring Rivers!

Pre-registration is required.

I'm excited you'll be joining us!

Keep a look out for an email from me with all the necessary details about our evening together.

These circles are laid back, informal and nourishing in an earthy kind of way. 

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