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Returning Home

'We do not want merely to see beauty… we want something else which can hardly be put into words — to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it.’ ~ C.S. Lewis

Beauty Leads Us Home

One interpretation of C.S. Lewis’ quote can be that he is speaking of our deep yearning to reunite with the beauty that is 'home'. Beauty being a metaphor for 'home'. I'm referring to a place beyond space and time. A place where we are held within the arms of the Primal Mother. Where we don't have to explain ourselves, don't have to prove ourselves, don't have to earn anything. We are completely and utterly accepted, every part of us — no apologies. A place where we're seen, accepted and know, beyond all doubt, that we belong because it's where we came from. We know we can be our soul-deep authentic selves there and this brings great relief and freedom to our being. No one else can join us for it isn't an experience felt in the outer world, but rather a soul-full experience where our deepest innermost self comes into direct contact with Divine presence.

Every time we experience something beautiful we're being shown a path home to where our soul came from. For me early spring is a time when this level of connection to beauty can be profound. Sometimes it's a fleeting hello as I dip in and out of the connection, and other times beauty curls up inside me and I carry it with me throughout my day. ​As we extend ourselves into the landscape at this time of year, our bodies sensing for the signs of early spring growth, we naturally open ourselves to connect on a deep level with the essence of a place. It is from this place of opening to and settling into the unfolding beauty around us, that we can reunite with a sense of being home — of being home with the Primal Mother.


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