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Boundaries - They're more than you may think.

It's become a common sentiment that to live a balanced and healthy life one must set boundaries. What does that actually mean? Let's explore the many different ways that boundaries show up in our lives.


It's important to create space and time in one's life free of imposing people, energies and demands. If we said yes to everyone and everything there wouldn't be space or time for us. Honoring and giving voice to our needs around who and what gets to receive our attention is empowering and good for our health on all levels.

It's also important to set boundaries with those people and things we love, feel empowered by and enjoy. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? I think so. Giving space to that which we love allows growth and expansion rather than burnout and boredom. We can appreciate the blessings and our hearts grow fonder as they say.

Boundaries not only protect, but they also allow for growth and rest, for respect and compassion, for stillness and possibility.

Boundaries: a fence, a wall, a strong No!, an impassable gap across space, closed down body language, a No Trespassing sign, hours of operation, a clearly defined expectation, a rule, a law, cultural and societal norms.

Boundaries: edges where two things meet that when in relationship to one another bring about a shift in understanding and being.


Have you ever been surrounded by mist? Lost in a fog? It's a disorienting experience and can be quite scary especially if you're on the water and can't see where you are or who's around you. We can also feel disoriented when we're seeking our life's purpose, when we feel powerless in the face of a medical diagnosis, or when we're simply trying to come up with the right words to say. Our mind goes blank and we feel 'at sea' with no sense of direction. Exposed. Vulnerable. Out of control. The manifest world is hidden, the way forward is obstructed and the known has fallen away.

Boundaries ground us in time and space. They define where we stand, who we are and what's possible. This is comforting.

While it's important to learn how to set boundaries and to live by them, it's equally as important to be at peace in a boundaryless space. Life is full of mystery, and we really never know what each day will bring in its beauty and complexity. Life is a balance between the known and unknown, the boundary-defined and boundaryless.

Remaining open to the unknown will yield experiences beyond our wildest dreams.

Being comfortable with not knowing where we are or what's happening frees us up to discovering the world anew, to better understanding who we are and what we're capable of. We're asked to trust, to dig deep and unearth that which may scare us and embrace the beauty and potential waiting for us on the other side of our courage.

Boundaries are always shifting, responding to the constant changes of our world. Whether they're boundaries we physically set in our environment or boundaries that we express energetically, when the boundaries we set suit us and our situation our lives are strengthened and we are free to live more fully and are then more likely to respond to the boundaryless moments with grace, trust and joyful anticipation.

One of the many beautiful aspects of geomantic work is how it helps people be open to and become acquainted with the subtle realms of their personal environment and how these subtle realms inspire their dreams and support their lives.

Geomancy can be the anchor to ground you when you feel unsure, out of control, lost, and 'at sea'. Geomantic work engages directly with the boundaryless and boundary-defined places, helping you to navigate them, gain new direction and establish boundaries based on understanding and acceptance.


Boundaries are everywhere. They exist not only in the human realms, but also in the landscape around us.

Boundaries are an integral part of geomantic work. We live in relationship to one another within the container of place and geomancy focuses on that dynamic threshold where our lives engage with place.

If our relationship with a neighbor or family member within our home is strained, the boundaries we share are most likely weak or too rigid making it difficult to interact in a healthy way. These weak boundaries exist not only in the physical as walls, doors, and stone walls for instance, but also within the energetic or auric field. A place, just like a person has an auric field that functions as a boundary and one of the main attributes of an auric field is protection. Your strained relationship with your neighbors not only requires communication to remedy, but the auric field needs tending so that it can do its job of protection AND regulation.

Case Study 1:

I recently worked with a client where the main focus was around the boundaries of the place. In this case the boundaries were so strongly held that no growth or change could occur. The rigid boundaries being upheld were present in the subtle realms, energetically expressed–a response to a situation. In this particular instance the rigidity of the auric field (the boundary) around their property was manifesting the energies of over protection. There was an impenetrable wall so-to-speak between the land and the surrounding world making it difficult to engage in a relationship with others from outside the boundary as well as make the necessary changes. To remedy this situation, we established an energetic balance where the holding and guarding aspect of the place's boundary acted in direct proportion to the welcoming energies of openness and engagement. As a result the desired growth can now happen, energy is flowing, relationships are healthy, and life is naturally unfolding, unencumbered and free.

Case Study 2:

In another situation with a different client, there was an atmosphere of disdain present in their relationship with their neighbors. Their neighbors ignored them, and the small community on their street was tainted with judgement and disrespect. My client didn't feel welcome and whenever there was a need to talk with their neighbors they felt uncomfortable. This is a classic example of a boundary that had become too weak, thereby allowing all the neighbor's dysfunction to flood in and saturate the atmosphere of my client's property. As a result my client felt drained, constricted and disempowered. The remedy here was a simple energetic strengthening of the auric field around the property. Without intervention the levels of toxicity would have potentially led to more serious health concerns and struggles in my client's personal and professional lives. Because the boundary was strengthened, my client now no longer feels the energies of disdain and the atmosphere of their home is lighter and more expansive. They feel safer and unencumbered–free to live their life as they wish. This in-turn has beneficially affected their health and the health of their relationships.

It's important for us to set personal boundaries for our own health and happiness, and it's also important to consider the health of the boundaries of the places where we live and work. The boundaries of place are equally as engaged in supporting our lives.

Whether you feel 'lost at sea' in your life or out of sync with your neighbors, consider your boundaries. It may not be just a matter of readjusting who and what you give your time and energy to, but may also involve the physical and energetic boundaries of where you are.

Receive support:

Do you feel you could benefit from having some boundary work done on your land, home or work space? Contact me at to get started.

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