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The Nurturing Power of Place

To be at ease in a place... that is what I desire. To know belonging and comfort where I am is key to my sense of connection. When I feel peace within myself as an extension of the peace emanating from a place, I feel nurtured, held and invigorated by that place.

The power and influence of our world on our lives is dynamic, profound and immense. Whether we're in a man-made environment or out in wild nature, the power of the environment bears an intense force on our being shaping our decisions, emotional health, physical health, and overall vitality.

I am someone who feels the world around me very clearly and deeply. The environments I find myself in throughout the day either rise my energy up or drain it away; and I can tune in and pinpoint the specific aspects, elements, and qualities of the environment that are creating these effects on me. For me spending time in the natural world and in man-made environments of great beauty and grace raises my energy levels up. On the other hand, man-made environments that have been designed and constructed without attention to proportion, balance, beauty, aesthetics, function, and relationship to the surrounding landscape, drain my energy. This can happen very quickly. All of a sudden I'm exhausted and need to go to a nurturing place and give myself the space and time to recover and re-energize. When I have a choice I will choose not to go into a place if I feel my energy dropping; and I will joyfully choose to spend time in places that lift me up.

I think we all do this to some degree.

What places in your life lift you up and inspire you? What is it about those places? Do they remind you of a special time in your life? Are they places of stillness amidst the chaos of our modern day world? Perhaps you have a special place in your garden where you can let go of worry and obligation. Or, perhaps hiking in the mountains or walking on the beach makes your heart sing. Maybe you simply love curling up with a favorite book and a cup of tea. Are you someone who feels more at home in an urban environment, or do you thrive living in a cabin in the woods? It is so important to find these places and spend time in them regularly. Especially now when our world is changing so dramatically and there are so many unknowns. Seek out the places where your soul and body feel at peace. Let the power of their presence nurture your being. Spending time in these places will help you stay balanced and strong in these challenging times.


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