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Cradle the Moon in Your Hands

Photo Credit - Jonne Trees

"Let's swim to the moon

Let's climb through the tide

Surrender to the waiting worlds

That lap against our sides."

~ Jim Morrison

Spring Equinox ~ the tipping point held within balance

Full Supermoon ~ primal access to our soul's longing

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the warmth in the ground?

Is your spirit waking up from its internal slumber?

Are you now ready to embrace new directions and birth your dreams?

Last night here in Maine we were blessed to bid our goodbyes to Winter and welcome in Spring under clear skies that shown brightly with the final Full Supermoon of 2019. What a blessing to carry us forward into the growing months.

At this time of year when the pendulum swinging towards warmer weather and new growth gathers up speed, we are given hope and renewed vigor. Our dreams grow stronger, and the first inklings of possibility and creative urgings grab our hearts and cry out for us to say, 'Yes!'. Surging through our veins our desires take wing, and we are reminded that the cold darkness of Winter promises us the coming emergence of a zest-filled, blossoming Spring.

The Moon and the mystery

Changing and unfolding

Forever spiraling.

To you they come

Seeking expression

And belonging.

What budding projects, recently birthed dreams, or young, tender relationships are you cradling? What have you been nurturing through the winter months? What changes in your life are you ready to make?

Nourish this new growth with earth energy and moonlight.

Make space for it to root into the soil of your life.

Happy Spring!

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