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Budding Tree

Your pulse quickens

with the dawning of green growth.

All around you trees are budding.

The red branches of birch brightening.

Sap flows up and out.

New promises are unfolding.

Wings unbound.

Spirit radiant and full.

Your wild rhythms unleashed, surging.


Awakened by the fire from within,

you heed the call to emerge.


Feeling the Call

At this energizing time of year those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, who have been etched in cold and chiseled by wind, snow and ice, are now beginning to feel the softening work of Spring's hands on our cleansed souls. We are beginning to stretch out and breathe more deeply as bird song, tender green hues and the sweet scents of earth envelop us.

The Time Has Come

Spring Equinox is an exciting time, full of hope and promise. A time when the dark and the light are in balance, and the seeds that have been incubating deep within the earth all winter begin to break the surface seeking expression. Over the past seven years I've quietly tended a seed of an idea. I've watched over it while acutely aware of the unsettled conditions in the outer world. Careful not to expose it too soon, I've been providing my seed idea with the care, guidance, tending, and nurturing necessary for its success.


Laying quietly within the darkness, unknown to many, my seed idea has been growing strong while I've been patiently waiting for the right conditions and time to share it. That time has arrived. After many years of observing, gathering, solidifying, and writing, GeoMagica is emerging --- breaking through the surface into the light. I invite you to explore my new website and see where it may lead you. In the meantime, join me in celebrating new beginnings and the beauty, hope and promise that is emerging.

With Spring Blessings,


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