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Turning Within to Begin Again

Standing on the sea strand, in the place in between, with the western horizon holding the boundary between this day and the next drawing your eye out into the future, age-old questions hover within you... "What happened? Who am I now? Who do I want to become? What's next? Where am I going?" These persistent questions fill the vastness all around you. Gazing out over the water you seek for the answers, hoping they'll appear as a welcome ship over the horizon.

Within you, an ending is happening.


The future that lies beyond the horizon and the setting sun begins within the darkness. We are now at the point in the seasonal cycle where we sink down into ourselves to discover what is meant to be left behind and what we want to continue carrying forward as our lives move on.

The power of Samhain is in the willingness to turn within so that we may begin again.

In Celtic tradition, it is believed that the veil between worlds is thin at this time of year. All the spirits of the land, those beings that reside within the subtle realms, as well as our ancestors, can be accessed more easily. A depth of connection is now available to us. A connection that draws us down into the roots of darkness, the detritus, the biting cold wet wind, and the unsettled energies of change. When we open to these powerful messengers we are able to find inspiration, reconciliation, clarity, and renewed hope amidst the trick-or-treating of our pop culture.

Water holds memory.

Water cleanses.

Water nourishes.

Water prepares for the new.

Time spent near water is never wasted. After I return from walking along the shoreline I feel renewed, as if I've walked out of one space and into a new life full of refreshed energy that's ready and waiting for whatever I will bring to it.

Whether it be the morning dew, stream, river, pond, lake, wide open ocean, or a hidden tide pool, the time you spend connecting to the presence of water, actively engaged with the intelligence of this mysterious element that scientists still don't fully understand, will enrich your life and give you access to aspects of yourself that want to be known.

One of the things that intrigues me when I'm by the sea is realizing that by being beside water we're actually intimately tuning in with ourselves.

The sea draws us to her, pulling our awareness out into the wide-open expanse of salt water and sky.


I also believe the sea simultaneously draws us in...into the mystery that is within each of us.

By going within at this time of year we begin to regain our sense of self. This, with the help of Water and the energies of Samhain, can bring us into alignment with Earth's rhythms and therefore our own in stronger and more visceral ways.




At Samhain the descent down and into the depths of the dark is noticeable. As we enter the darkest quarter of the year we return to that which is our truth. Move through your resistances and reconnect with all that wants to be known.

What lies within you is that which connects you to all.

The veil is thin.



Enjoy this short time-lapse of the Samhain Portal Painting being created.

Duration: 1 min. 2 sec.

Wishing you all a very blessed Samhain!



* All photography by Janet MacPherson Moller.


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