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The Night Sea


The night sea,

She stirs in Her depths.

Her vastness

punctuated by stars.

Her liquid expanse

answering to the cycling

of lunar light.

Tonight Her stirring

calls to all who feel Her in their bones.

An invitation has been sent.


from above the distant horizon

the glittering,

shimmering Moon

reaches out

towards me.

Her orbiting song

calling the tides.

Her fullness

drawing forth

the subtle winds.

Ever so gently,

the feminine melody

of Sea, Moon and Wind

envelops me.

Their nocturnal dance

stirs the shy beauty

that dwells

in the shadows,

hidden beneath the surfaces

of stone, wave, skin,

and bone.

The invisible is

made visible.

No thing goes unloved.

In this mystical moment

I'm offered a glimpse through

into the Otherworld.

I'm held

as if suspended

in between.

With the path

laid out before me

the night sea,

She welcomes me

home to


Full Strawberry Moon rising over the sea, June 24, 2021.


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