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The Gift of Samhain

We're never alone is a phrase often spoken by people who walk with one foot in the Otherworld, with one eye always gazing beyond the horizon within their heart. I find this to be true.

When I least expect it, or when I set an intention to journey over the threshold into the realm that is sharing this space with me, I find companionship in the nonphysical beings that occupy the places that four walls, a floor and ceiling cannot contain.

Samhain is such a time when we can more easily commune with our ancestors, with the energies of death and of endings, and deepen with the beauty and blessings inherent in our choosing to venture into dialogue with the powers of this threshold.

The dark is growing more dominant, and we are nourished. At Samhain we travel through liminal space and are neither where we were or where we're going, we're simply being carried, aware of the power of change in our lives.

This time of year offers up many opportunities to journey beyond the horizon within our hearts and walk with one foot in the Otherworld. Leaves swirling within a zephyr across the forest floor, cold salt-laden wind whipping across your cheek, soft autumn moonlight that envelops you where you stand in your reverie, or the flickering of candlelight on the mantlepiece below an ancestral portrait on a cozy night can all draw you in. Each a doorway through which connection with your ancestors can happen.

"Come sit with us." they say. "Remember where you came from and connect with us, those who shaped the vessel within which you took form and out of which you emerged. The foundational essence of you we hold close. You are always known... never forgotten."

These words, whether delivered by a tree, a stone, a bird, a mountain, an ocean horizon, a family portrait or heirloom are felt by our soul. Our ancestors are not only human, but take many other forms as well.

Samhain is a sacred time that offers us an opportunity to turn our gaze upon the memories of who and what has gone before. It's a chance to acknowledge those who traveled these dirt-trodden paths before us, that added their own unique energetic presence to the great infinite space that we dwell within now. This is the blessing of Samhain.

Who or what has shaped the person you are today? This liminal space of Samhain offers you an opportunity to more easily connect with them and acknowledge their presence. Our roots held within our ancient ancestral lineages nourish us and ground us.


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