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Sink In To Your Life

The pool is still.

Distant tremors sound.

I feel my body answer,

My wild awareness tuned,

As curiosity ripples out,

I seek connection.

Sink In To Your Life

This is an invitation for you

To explore and discover... to relate anew with the Earth Spirit.

Let me nudge you to go deeper, to be with your world in a new way.

To become aware of, once more,

The glistening threads that weave our lives together,

Connecting us with the wild Earth.

Take a deep breath... and,

Sink In To Your Life

Feel your life color your world.

Open your senses to the boundless mystery.

Seek to understand how completely Earth engulfs, inspires and informs you.

Know that in the stillness of Earth's power and presence

lies the fullness of your life.

Allow Earth's folds and textures, silences and sounds, to envelop you.

Know that within the stillness of your life's expression,

your vitality and wisdom pulses, always flowing and singing

in concert with Earth's presence.

Sink In To Your Life

Seek Water's healing path... leading you on.

Quenching the dry, crisp, used-up pieces of you.

Softening your rough, wounded edges.

Water, still and serene... rushing... roaring... bold and strong.

Know how water cleanses and renews you.

Sink In To Your Life

Dare to know Fire. With respect Fire is a strong ally for you.

Quick and vital, life springs anew from Fire's cooled ashes.

Spiritual cleansing, understanding, and wisdom are Fire's gifts.

Trust in the Fire of your heart and soul,

for Fire flows through you giving you new life.

Sink In To Your Life

Be free as Air.

Breathe deeply and fully expand your being into the vastness around you.

Lift up your feet and dance on the wind. Sing!

Feel the boundless open spaces of your soul,

And know intimately the whispering of Earth's yearnings.

Sail with your thoughts and dreams.

Let Air inspire you.

Sink In To Your Life

Dance with the Moon.

Observe her light and darkness,

Her many faces illuminating the textures and surfaces of your unique wild world.

Know how Moon's mysteries and rhythms dance within you.

Within her darkness lies your gifts -- seeds to inspire your life.

In her fullness your life radiates vitality and truth.

Discover the wise, patient presence of the Trees.

Radiant ones that stretch out their branches... Celebrating!

Reaching through all the nooks and crannies of your being.

Know how Trees guide you to find your place,

To take root, so that you too, can grow strong and be yourself completely.

Be still as Stone.

Settle yourself into the deep, slow cyclical presence of time.

Be grateful for Rain's drumming nourishment and Wind's playful sigh.

In your deep, aged stillness, receive their eternal caresses.

Receive the Sun's warmth completely.

Feel your wild self absorb the solar life force with no resistance.

Remember your kinship with the celestial spheres -- your cosmic connection.

Be still as Stone and witness the manifestation of the Earth Spirit.

You are of this world. You cannot separate yourself.

Let nothing go unseen, unheard, unfelt... unknown.

Open wide your senses and renew your connection to the wild Earth.

I invite you to take a deep breath... and,

Sink In To Your Life


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