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Imbolc - A Time of Quickening


The waters of the streams are flowing and the ice on the lake is thawing and then forming again with recent temperatures dropping to the lowest point we've seen all year. As I walk through the fresh snow looking for fox tracks and marveling at the beauty of the morning, the air is still, the sunlight pale and the sentient presence of the woodland is playful and sparkling! The earth around me is beginning to stir.

Deep stirrings...

The Celtic Fire Festival of Imbolc is the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when the immobilizing grip of winter starts to weaken. It's considered the first day of spring when we can catch a glimpse of a new fire burning – of the sun's warmth and light beginning to take hold and gently grow. As I stood there in the morning stillness amongst the beech, maple, oak, and evergreens I found the gurgling waters of the streams reassuring to me and the lively bird song encouraging the joy and hope in me to rise.

Seeds quickening in the dark...

Despite the cold temperatures, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are able to tune in and feel the gentle fire of the sun growing in strength and know that although winter is here now, spring is on its way. The seeds of our hopes and dreams that we've held close, hidden away, and protected from Winter's harsh eyes, have started to come to life. Deep down in the nourishing dark, the fire of the young sun is reaching into us as it begins to warm the earth causing our dreams to quicken.

Snowdrops, woodpeckers drumming out their courtship rhythms, and the melodic spring-time chirping of the chickadees express the wisdom of knowing that all is well. They show us that you can trust and continue following the path of beauty and grace along which you're led.


One of the gifts of Imbolc is that our lives will continue to grow in beauty even despite the harshness of the world around us, and that by holding fast to hope and patience we will see our dreams manifest.

All is happening perfectly!

Artwork: These small vignettes are of a larger painting titled, Imbolc, created as part of the Portal Painting Project. Imbolc is intended to act as a portal into the energies of this Celtic Fire Festival.

All text and imagery © Earth-Heart Arts and Janet MacPherson Moller

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