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Begin by simply observing, and then relax into quietly being with what is.

What arises into your awareness?

Have you ever felt the intensity of connection when looking into the eye of another? You know that feeling, the one that moves through you and touches your heart, changing your understanding of the other in profound ways? It becomes etched in your memory as a moment when you touched the sacred. There's a quality of presence in that moment that opens you to connecting with the essence of the other. It's as if you've discovered a hidden world that has been there all along, and the exact combination of timing, thought, awareness, and location have come into alignment exposing the secret door that opens and lets you in. To me, moments like this are like a flash of lightning to my heart. A divine kiss. They are powerful medicine that feeds my soul and invites respect and wonder for the world around me. Through this deep connection with another my relationship to the place opens up and I begin to understand a language and a pattern that I hadn't been aware of before. What an honor. What a blessing.


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