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Celebrating the Harvest



Verdant Green




Bountiful Growth

Manifestation is all around us at Lughnasadh, the Celtic fire festival known as the first of two harvest festivals. Edges have given way and boundaries are blurred as everything it seems wants to express itself in its fullness now. "This is me and this is what I have to give!" There is no place for the shy, timid, or scared at this time. "Take up space" and "be seen" are two messages of this time of year.

Everything in nature is singing its song with abandon now, and we're blessed by the energetic frequency of "fruit" that this singing is producing.

Acorns dropping, lettuce and tomatoes accompany the cucumbers, carrots, garden peas, beets and kale upon our plates. Berries are ripe for the picking; and wild mushrooms drawn out by the persistent rains share the forest floor with effervescent green mosses and gurgling streams. The Earth is lush here in the Northeast and we are grateful recipients of all this bounty for the body and soul.

The message that underlies this bounty is that of receiving. Lughnasadh is a time for deep nourishment and experiencing the joys of Nature's song that is abundant all around us.

What are the bounties of the Earth where you are?




This painting asked me to completely let go of any control. Any attempt I made to create something realistic and defined had no energy behind it, it was flat–the antithesis of bounty. I realized that the energies of Lughnasadh, as a time when all of Nature fully expressed itself, was what wanted to come through. Diversity, interconnectedness, permission to be fully expressed and vibrant was the nourishing energies that unfolded.

This portal painting is a rainbow spiral designed to connect you with this fecundity and lush fullness of Nature that is freely available to us now.


Enjoy this short time-lapse video of the painting being created.

An oracle card from The Keys to Nature Connection Oracle Deck was drawn to bring a guiding energy to the painting process.

Duration: 59 sec.

Happy Lughnasadh!

May you be open to receive the bounty of this time.


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