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The Snowy Owl Moon

A few days before the Celtic fire festival of Imbolc, the time when the first stirrings of life can be felt deep in the darkness of the Earth, my partner and I went out for a drive to see the full moon – known by some as the Wolf Moon. The road twisted and turned, carrying us through deep woods and quiet neighborhoods as we drove up hills and down alongside frozen snow-covered ponds and wetlands. As we drove by, I imagined the turtles waiting out the winter deep down in the mud and people tucked away in their houses – glowing windows giving their presence away. The road was ours. There was no one else around. Perfect conditions for the magic that was about to unfold.

A tingling hush settled on the heart of the land. Electrifying energy rippled through the air leaving nothing untouched.

The bright Moon peeked through the bare branches and would then dip out of sight as the road carried us away, down into the wooded darkness; and then, with an awe inspiring whoosh of bright lunar light, she would surprise us as the car turned back around towards the east and she burst out above the road, magnificent and grand. This dance with the Moon went on for a while as we followed the road, winding around like a dark velvet ribbon through a rich winter tapestry. The landscape shifted and changed in the light and shadows. Soon an apple orchard stretched out below the indigo sky, its twisted trees bathed in moonlight, casting blue shadows over the crisp snow. Beyond, the edge of the forest formed a dark boundary between Earth and cosmos. Winter's stillness hummed and the quiet spoke volumes.

It was as if we were enveloped in a magical cocoon aware that something was arising.

Nights like this breathe magic into our lives. They are the answer to our young-spirited dreams. And if we open to them, can show us that, beyond the so-called ordinary, lies a mystical landscape where the hidden worlds dwell. It was at this point, gazing out over the apple orchard, when the scene opened up and I saw her - a Snowy Owl flying high in the sky, her wings laced in moonlight – every feather made of clouds. A great goddess holding the Moon in her wing. Clearly the mystical made manifest. It was extraordinary and took your breath away.

This magical experience will live on in me as a blessed gift. To honor this gift and to keep the memory alive in my life, the full moon of January, that harkens in the coming of Imbolc, I will from now on call the 'Snowy Owl Moon'. Snowy Owls have a special energy that comes like a harbinger of blessings into our lives during the long dark days of winter. I hope that at this time of Imbolc there are blessings stirring in your life as well.

Enjoy this video my partner Jonne Trees created of the 'Snowy' that blessed our area this winter. The video really captures the essence of these owls. The sacredness and grace, subtle power and profound beauty of this winged visitor from the North can be clearly felt. What a gift! What a blessing!


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