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Let Your Love for Earth Shine!

Photo Credit - Janet MacPherson Moller

A reassuring constant in my life has always been the Earth under my feet. The dynamic, pulsing vibrance of the vast landscape that extends out towards the horizon all around me has always been there as a calming presence. Like the comfort received from a cozy, warm blanket, a reassuring gaze, or the company of a trusted friend, I've always felt supported. Every single time. Earth has never let me down. Whenever I've extended my awareness out into the realms of landscape there has always been the silence of compassion, the grace of patience, and the mirror of truth waiting there to meet me. Over the years I reached out often, and now it's developed into a way of life.

What place dwells in your heart? Where is your soul called to be?

These are important questions. They will guide you in two ways:

1. They will align your life with what will bring you fulfillment, happiness, peace, and a sense of belonging.

2. They will inspire your connection to Earth and lead you to make choices that will be sustainable and life enhancing.

Often we travel to spend time with people. It's not often that we choose to go and spend time with a place. Recently, I went on a journey of the soul. It was purely a response to a heart's calling to visit a physical place and connect with its sentient presence. This place touched me in profound ways when I first spent time there last year. It showed me the immense power present there in the landscape. It demanded my respect and taught me humility; and it completely reconfigured my understanding of presence and true, unadulterated power. I recognized the importance of the journey and answered the call. The results were a deeper understanding that has infused within me a sense of belonging that was only possible by my being there in person sharing space with the place in silence.

Let your love for Earth shine!

I believe it's incredibly important that we foster connection with landscape. That we open to the co-creative possibilities that are available to us when we show up with humility before the beauty and grace of a place.

Be free in your wild love for trees, sea, stones, sky, storms, birds, beasts, rivers, deserts, and all that brings you alive on this blue planet.

When we spend time with a place, in conscious connection, sitting in silence with the wild presence we discover there, we are strengthening a soul connection that is ancient. We join with our ancestors and open our hearts to a way of being that is profound and deeply restorative.

Earth is sentient. The time you spend in conscious communion with a place matters. In the silence shared you will recognize the depth of connection you've made.

Be still and ask yourself,

What landscape is calling out to you?

What place does your heart ache to connect with?

When you hear the answer, go to that place and simply spend time. Don't let anything stop you. Share quiet space with this place that's called out to you and discover that which will never let you down and will always be true to you.

Photo Credit - Janet MacPherson Moller


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