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Beauty is in the "Eye" of the Beholder!

Photo Credit - Janet MacPherson Moller

Beauty is everywhere!

Whether we think we can "see" it or not, our body is in constant dialogue with the beauty around us.

We can see beauty with our naked eye "out there", and we can also "see" the beauty that's "out there" with our inner eye because beauty really exists right here "within" us.

I believe it's the relationship between our inner eye and our heart that helps us to experience beauty, to really receive it into our being.

Our inner eye perceives the "hidden" beauty which our heart responds to, therefore, it's our inner eye that has a direct correlation to what makes our soul come alive.

And what makes our soul come alive is subjective, it evokes diversity and harbors relationships.

Ultimately beauty makes you You, and me Me.

What you find beautiful directly correlates with what makes your heart sing, makes your soul come alive, and therefore makes your life what it is in all its fullness.

On this day, Earth Day (and every day), let's celebrate beauty, for within beauty there is truth and boundless hope.


Enjoy this fun short video. In it, I share a few magical moments when I came upon some natural beauty hidden in plain sight, just below the surface. As someone who loves exploring the shoreline and the nooks and crannies one finds there, it's always delightful to be surprised in new and exciting ways. May you be inspired too!


Wishing you a Happy Earth Day, today and every day!




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