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You Hold the Key

'Through love we come into resonant relationship with something. The Law of Resonance says that if I am in resonance with you, I am you. We are one. Distance collapses.' ~ Michael Lindfield

I've written quite a bit about our connection to place and the influence and power it has on our lives. Recently I came across this TED Talk by Michael Lindfield given at Findhorn in Scotland about the morphogenetic field and the power our bodies have to perceive, communicate with, and shape the world around us.

As a geomancer the ability to perceive and understand my body's sensitivities and how they relate to my environment is the key to being able to work consciously with the spirits of place and the energetic field, thereby helping to bring about real change in people's lives. You can think of it as full submersion in a world where everything is communicating with everything else, including you. To quote Michael, 'Life is constantly talking to itself, and life is constantly listening to itself.'.

If you'd like, you can consciously tap into that conversation. When you do, the world opens up and you begin to perceive reality in a completely new and expansive way.


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