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June Blessings

An unexpected blessing As we pass from the sweet days of June with its lupine, beach roses and summer solstice sun to the bold month of July, beaconing to us with its warm summer days and rich star-filled nights, I share with you a glimpse into one of the many blessings that I witnessed over these past few weeks.

In the early spring this part of the river is teaming with sea birds all courting and mating, but now it's very quiet with the exception of the Canadian geese, gulls, and osprey that summer here. One morning last week I awoke early and the soft warm morning light beaconed me outdoors. Being a water lover I always head down to the river when I venture outside. There is always something that draws my eye, delights my heart, and fills my soul at these times and this particular morning was no exception. I am grateful that I had my trusty phone with me. As the scene unfolded before my eyes I was able to film it.

I hope you enjoy this short video showing Canadian geese swimming up river on a blissfully quiet morning as bird song fills the air. Be sure to have your volume turned up and the video enlarged to fit the screen for the best experience.

Summer Blessings!


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