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Solstice ~ The Time of the Sun

Today, wherever you are on Earth, is a day when we honor our own star, the Sun!

If you’re here in the northern hemisphere, we’re celebrating the Sun at its height and greatest strength as it travels its longest and highest path across the sky. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’re celebrating the return of the light, when the Sun travels the shortest distance and along its lowest path across the sky. These extremes mark the summer and winter seasons. No aspect of life is untouched by the potent energies of this day.

The energies of Summer Solstice are akin to that moment at the top of an inhale – like our life-giving breath, the Sun is suspended in its greatest fullness of expression, radiating the strength of light, of singular focus, celebrating the power of the day, of that which is known.

Winter Solstice offers us the gift of contemplation, of stillness, of possibility. Positioned at that moment of no breath, the pause we experience at the bottom of an exhale, the Sun dwelling here in the grip of the dark brings us hope. As we sit in its quiet pinprick of light and begin to dream, we feel the Sun’s energies stirring in the depth of darkness.

Solstice embodies polarity. It's a time that holds within itself its opposite. At Summer Solstice, that time of long days and full light, we can begin to feel the waning energies and start to consider the nourishing dark. Despite the growing warmth and expanding activity of summer, deep down we can just sense a hint of the approaching still dark. During Winter Solstice, on the other hand, we become aware of the waxing energies as we plan and prepare from within our cozy nests what we want to bring out into the world in our fullness come summer.




The energies of Solstice are powerful today. Tuning into the energies, as I do every time I sit down to paint a portal painting, I was guided to focus on the light of our star the Sun, and the strength it holds on this day. I was aware of the intensity inherent in fire and light. This gave me chills as I aligned with them. Slowly over time, the rose came through, quietly rising up and emerging, as the painting progressed.

The painting started to take on a cosmic quality as I began to sense nebulas and other cosmic elements in the layers of color. Slowly the star and the rose began to come together and as they did I could sense a portal opening. I didn’t question what was unfolding but rather trusted what I was being guided to do. Indeed, the message from the oracle card I drew was guiding me. Never would I have guessed at the powerful painting that emerged.

Oracle card message:

Key #2

Release control.

Know that all is well and

unfolding in alignment with a greater plan.


Enjoy this short time-lapse of the painting being created.

Duration: 1 min. 20 sec.


Happy solstice wherever you are!

May the blessings of these long warm days be fulfilling for those in the northern hemisphere, and may the new spark of light nourish you in the darkness if you dwell in the southern hemisphere.




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