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Stones help us to feel safe and reassured.  Their dense, solidified presence brings us comfort and a sense of inner stillness and peace.  They help us to connect with the firm, steady ground at the core of our being.  

We are living in a time when our lives are constantly being drawn in different directions. Multi-tasking has become the norm and our To-Do lists never seem to end. When our attention is focused on a multitude of things simultaneously we can feel scattered, divided, and 'pulled in a million different directions'. We become off-kilter, uncentered, and out of balance. We become ungrounded. As a result we lose touch with the stillness at the core of our being, that place that all of the swirling chaos of our lives spins around. Thankfully, the stillness is always there, quietly pulsing with a cadence of strength, working behind the scenes to keep us balanced and strong. Meditation is a well-known practice that helps to connect us with this place of stillness.

The Stillness of Stone Meditation is a somatic experience. One where your heart's sensitivities connect you with the powerful grounding presence of stone.

The Stillness of Stone Meditation is an effective way to help ground you and center your being in wholeness. This allows your mind to act from a place of grounded focus and become stress-free, relaxed, uplifted, more efficient, and effective. 

The Steps

For the best results, I recommend leaning up against a stone or holding one in your hand. This will help you to focus your attention and deepen your connection with the stone.

  • To begin, find a comfortable position leaning up against a stone. You may also sit on the floor or in a chair and hold a stone in your hands.

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

  • From this comfortable place become aware of your body and let go of any stress and tension you may be holding. Relax your jaw, drop your shoulders, stretch out any tight muscles, and shake out what you've been holding onto for too long. Let it all go.

  • Once your body is relaxed bring your attention to your mind. What is happening there? Are you juggling myriad unrelated thoughts? Are you focused on one persistent situation? Whatever is happening in your mind focus on each thought and draw it back into you. See each thought returning a piece of you that has been out in the world focused on a specific situation. Every thought that comes back is making you whole again. Continue doing this until there are no more of your thoughts drawing your attention away. 

  • ​From this relaxed place settle into your heart. Bring your attention to its strong deep rhythm. If any thoughts arise remain detached and allow them to fade.

  • From your heart space tune into the stone. Sense its weight, its stillness, and its presence. Simply become aware of these sensations within your body. Feel a settling energy grounding you in the center of your being. Try not to attach thoughts to the experience or 'try' to use your mind in any way. This is a somatic experience where your heart's sensitivities will connect you with the powerful grounding presence of the stone.

  • Stay with the experience. Become aware of how your whole being is aligning with your core strength. Feel how disparate parts of you are coming together. Notice how peaceful, connected and whole you feel.

  • Remain here for as long as you wish. When you feel your meditation is complete consider recording your experience in your journal. 

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