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  Creative expression is our birthright and co-creating with the Divine in nature is our soul's yearning.  

Your wild Earth-Heart knows the songs of trees.


Your Earth-Heart listens to the land. She is the part of you that hears the whispers of the wind and the call of the trees. She knows what satisfies and nourishes your spirit, and is always seeking to know the soul of the Earth.    

Your Wild Muse seeks to express the relationship your Earth-Heart and the soul of the Earth share. She is the part of you that gives voice and visibility to this divine exchange in a way that is uniquely you.


The Earth-Heart Creativity Meditation is an invitation for you to connect with your Wild Muse and to dive deeply into the rich abundant soil of your unique connection with the Earth Spirit. It's an opportunity to express creatively the unique ways she speaks to you. Through the elements of sound, color, words, and movement you make visible that which exists within your Earth-Heart, and in turn give voice and form to the spirit of the Earth.


We are all creative beings. We are all artists. With the Earth-Heart Creativity Meditation, there are no rules and no restrictions. It is an experience that cultivates openness, joy, resonance, and deep nourishment with the quintessence of your heart's connection with nature.


When we are in nature the physical sensations, feelings, emotions, inspirations, and insights that emerge into our awareness are our soul's connection with the Earth being made manifest through our bodies.  


This place of soul connection with the Earth is at the heart of the Earth-Heart Creativity Meditation practice. It is where our Earth-Heart and our Wild Muse come together. In this practice, you want to tune into how you are feeling and the different sensations in your body. Slow down and find stillness. Open to the possibilities rising up within you. The Earth speaks to each of us in very unique ways. How is she speaking to you?



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The Steps

Throughout this practice you want to be fully alive and engaged with your senses, to focus fully on your direct experience. It's about being in the moment and enjoying the journey. Try not to be focused on the end result. This is a gentle, intuitive process that invites playful spontaneity and delight.  

  • Begin by becoming aware of the excitement you feel rising up within you to connect with the Earth and your Wild Muse.

  • Decide what medium you would like to work with. Will you draw, paint, sing, dance, play an instrument, write, or do something else? Stay with the energy of excitement and gather the items together that you will be using. 

  • Find a place of beauty out in nature. One where you feel safe, expansive, and fully alive. This can be a wild place or a special place in your garden. Ensure you won't be interrupted and that you have a spacious amount of time set aside to engage with the meditation. I find an hour is the minimum amount of time necessary to let your body become fully engaged with the place and to be creative with your Wild Muse. I recommend allowing for a longer amount of time if possible.

  • Once you are settled in a beautiful natural setting, position yourself so you are comfortable. Arrange your journal and pen, your paints and canvas, take out your guitar, and stretch your body. Make any final adjustments so you can fully engage with the beauty around you and not be distracted.

  • Now that you are settled, become aware of yourself. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Still your mind and center yourself. Check in with your body. How does it feel? Are there any areas that need to be stretched or readjusted? Do you need anything else to make yourself comfortable?  

  • From this place of inner calm tune in and listen to the Earth. Engage all of your senses with the natural beauty around you. Really sink into the moment. If you feel your mind trying to take control, come back to your breath and re-center yourself in your body. The more you can fully engage with the place the stronger your connection will be with your Earth-Heart and the more profound your experience will be.

  • When you feel intimately connected with the beauty all around you, begin to become aware of how your body feels, of any emotions and feelings that may have been stirred up. Expand your awareness.

  • From this place let yourself express what is present. What movement, color, sound, shape, word, or phrase wants to arise out of this place of deep nature connection? Allow it to simply emerge without effort. Let it move you. Let it come through you. You are connecting with that which is normally hidden just beyond your daily perceptions. Honor, witness, and be present with the powerful presence of that which whom you are sharing the moment with.

  • Continue creating for as long as you feel the Wild Muse connecting with you. Relax into the process. There is no right or wrong way to express yourself in this space, and no limits or boundaries on your creativity. Let it be freely expressed through you.

  • When your practice feels complete, extend gratitude to the place and to the wild presence you have been connecting with in a way that feels right to you.

  • Slowly begin to gather your belongings together. If you wish, record in your journal any reflections, insights, or teachings about your experience that you would like to refer back to in the future. 

The unique connection with the Earth that only you have is made visible through your creative act. It's a sacred experience. One that is both profound and speaks of your soul and your Earth-Heart. Be gentle with yourself. This is a deep practice that is reconnecting you with your own ancient earth rhythms pulsing through your being. 

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