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Feel lighter and more connected to the present moment.

Harness the power of the sun with this simple meditation to help center you in your heart, and help you feel calm, peaceful, and at ease. The nurturing qualities of light and warmth will help you to let go of stress and worries, and to feel lighter and more connected to the present moment.  

  • Find a place where the sun is casting a glow either in an indoor space or a private outdoor space. Perhaps it’s in a spot in your kitchen or living room or outdoors in your garden. You want to feel the warmth radiating without any cool breezes disturbing it.

  • If possible create a safe undisturbed space by turning off your phone and minimizing any distractions.

  • Place yourself in this glowing sun puddle. You may sit or stand. Choose what feels the most comfortable. Feel the warmth and radiance of the sun penetrating into you.  

  • Feel all your struggles, pain, and difficulties fall away as loving warmth and light fills you. Relax. Be at peace. Stay here as long as you wish.  

  • When you feel complete consider recording your experience in your journal. Are there any insights, thoughts, or images that you want to remember?

Once you have practiced the Sun Puddle Meditation it is easy to incorporate it into your life wherever the sun is shining. You can enjoy the benefits all year round, either indoors during the winter or outdoors during the warmer months.


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