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Your body is a portal to the natural world and holds the key to your sense of connection to wherever you are.


These 32 oracle cards illustrate the main elements of our human self and their corresponding expressions within Nature. Use them as a guide to having an embodied experience of the natural world.


Each card is 2.75 inches square with rounded corners.

Full-color images with simple graphics.


** This deck does not come with a guidebook.



Combine with The Keys to Nature Connection Oracle Deck for a deeper experience.




Due to the location and turnaround times of the printer, your cards will arrive 2-3 weeks after you order them. Please consider this when ordering. 


Learn more about our shipping policies in Shipping Information.

Embodied Nature Connection Oracle Deck (*cards only)

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  • Refunds or exchanges will be given for damaged, incomplete and unopened decks only. Opened decks will not be refunded or exchanged.

    Return shipping costs will only be refunded to the buyer for damaged and incomplete decks. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer for any unopened decks that are returned.

  • Please send all inquiries and communications to:

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