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Simple - Elegant - Playful!

Earrings you can wear every day with almost anything.



The earring wires and wirework are handcrafted out of sterling silver. The surf-tumbled beach stones are nice and light. They are similar in shape and size, but not perfectly exact which adds to their charm. 


Stone Size: 5/8 inches long by 1/2 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick

(All sizes are approximate)


Paint Colors: ivory white

Earrings - Item #23e-397

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  • Special care is needed to insure your jewelry will last unharmed. Each piece is hand painted and coated in a few coats of a protective varnish.

    This being said, you will want to make sure the jewelry does not get wet, scraped, or rubbed up against in a way that risks the paint being damaged.

    If your jewelry does get wet, allow it to dry by gently dabbing it with a soft cloth or towel - do not rub. Ideally, simply set it aside and allow it to dry on its own untouched.

    Follow these instructions to enjoy your jewelry for many years to come.

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