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From the book The Art of Nesting, 10 Tips for Living In Alignment with Placethis one-page excerpt is a printable quick reference sheet that is perfect for those interested in living a balanced life and who are wanting something they can refer to easily. 


"Create a home that reflects your heart and soul deeply rooted in Earth awareness and grace."



Each tip is described in bite-size, easy-to-understand sections.


Full color and beautifully designed.

Standard paper size:  8 1/2" by 11"


Cost: Free


Helpful Links:

Purchase the softcover book  The Art of Nesting: 10 Tips for Living in Alignment with Place here...

...and the ebook version here.

10 Tips Quick Reference Sheet

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This digital reference guide sheet is available as a single PDF file.


    *Free PDF files may be uploaded multiple times and shared with others for personal use only. Do not sell or in any way duplicate this file beyond what is permitted as described above. 

    When sharing with others, any mention of the Earth-Heart Arts website is greatly appreciated. 

    PDF files obtained for free are copyright protected and all applicable laws apply.

  • This document is available to you in an easy-to-read PDF file format. Enjoy reading it on any of your favorite devices. For the best results on a laptop or computer, view in FULL SCREEN mode. 

    NOTE: You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device to download this document. You may install it for free here:

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