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I tell people I have salt flowing thru my veins. It's true!  Growing up on Cape Cod in a family of sailors and boat lovers will do that to you.


When I was just 3-weeks old my parents rowed me out to my cousin's sailboat to have dinner. Then a mere 5 years later I can recall lying down on the bow of my family's Herreshoff Bullseye as we sailed along feeling the sea breeze on my face and the boat rising and falling with the swells rolling in from the sea. Those days were pure bliss to me. How I loved getting back home after a day of sailing, all salty and sun-kissed. These memories are etched into my soul.


Sailing has given me confidence and taught me patience and partnership. Perhaps, most importantly, it has brought me right into the heart of Nature's beauty. Through sailing I've learned to respect the Sea's power and the wind's force - I've learned how I fit in and what the Sea is capable of.


I fell hook, line and sinker! 

Yes, my work has me deeply intertwined with the landscape, and I have a deep love for trees, stones, birds, animals, rivers, ponds, mountains, sky... the list goes on.  But, my love for the Sea is profound.  It feels familial to me. Ask any of my friends and they'll agree with me when I say I'm always yearning for the Sea, to be out there in that mystical watery world.  My True North is towards the Sea wherever she may be.

I encourage everyone, especially women and girls, to get out on the water, go to the beach, or simply listen to a recording of the waves. The sea is our natural feminine energetic frequency.  When we spend time tuning into the Sea we reconnect with the core of who we are and remember our true soul essence. 

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s/v Astara




 ~ My Sea Story ~ 
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