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Discover the Ways of the Land

One-on-One Earth-Heart Living Training

Are you seeking a deeper connection with the Earth?

EARTH-HEART LIVING ~ A way of living that creates opportunities for you to engage directly with the sacred landscape. From this place of engagement, you and the sentient presence of a place merge thereby restoring a deeper connection with Earth, an intuitive perception of the reality of life, and a profound recognition of your personal wild wisdom.

Perhaps now more than ever before, it is crucial for us to restore a sense of belonging to the land. To claim our place as restorers and celebrators of the Earth, we need to move out of thinking we know everything, of taking a dominant stance towards the Earth, and move into an actively receptive place of wonder that quietly says, 'show me!'.  


Discovering the ways of the land isn't about doing, but rather about being - being in ways that our ancestors knew intimately, but that we've become distant from.  From this place of being, a natural progression of the next steps will arise and you will become a new person that on a deep intrinsic level knows no separation from the Earth.  This is the way forward.  

Do you want to know in your heart that nurturing aliveness that an intimate relationship with the mystical landscape brings?



Geomancy offers a profound connection with the Earth that is dynamic, relational, interactive, extremely intimate, and powerfully personal.  If you are yearning for a rich connection with the spirits of land, sea, and sky in all their beauty and infinite complexity, let me guide you.  If you are wanting to go even deeper, to dialogue and co-create with the spirits of place on behalf of your community, let me help ground your experience and intention in a solid foundation of ethical actions aligned with integrity.


We are living in a time of profound change and have the opportunity to be a force for good. Geomancy holds the key to co-creating with the land a sustainable future, and as an Earth Mystic who is aware of the subtleties and underlying connections present within the landscape, you can play an important part in enriching and bringing grace and wholeness to the world.

Learn the Tools of an Earth Mystic
Deep Listening      Sacred Receptivity      Co-creative Presence    
Mystical Intimacy      Wild Body Wisdom      Divination & Art Making     
Remember your own unique earth connection
Understand how your body receives Earth's transmissions.
Become aware of the layers of reality and how they influence your life.
Discover who you really are and how you fit into the natural world.
Begin a lifelong journey that will always inspire and engage your heart.
Engage with the Spirits of Place on behalf of all life.
Something for YOU...

Seek that ancient place where your heart nestles

into the curve of a branch, the rhythm of the waves,

the arc of a cloud -- where your spirit knows

the song of the Earth and sings her tune.


Bird's Nest
One-on-One Earth-Heart Living Training

Join me in an adventure of heart and soul as we work closely with the dynamic sentient presence of the land. Come into a deep connection with the mystical landscape in ways that will challenge your perceptions and expand your world view. Reawaken to your own unique connection with the Spirits of Place and know once again what your child-self has never forgotten!

What you can expect

  • One-on-one engagement with me and the mystical landscape.

  • Emphasis will be placed on your heart connection to landscape and your own felt experience.

  • A comprehensive and experiential experience specifically designed to resonate with you and support your signature way of relating with place.

  • Processes and materials will be designed around your unique background, interests, and goals.

  • You will receive specially designed techniques that your own heart, mind, and soul can respond to and easily incorporate into your daily life.

  • Inspiration and reflection will be drawn from well-known and obscure mystics, artists, writings, sacred landscapes, and world cultures.

  • Spontaneity and child-like wonder will accompany us.

  • Expect the unexpected!

  • All teaching will occur over Zoom and out in the landscape.

  • Sessions will be scheduled to allow for your own natural learning style.

Join me and let us take the next step towards beauty, grace, and wonder!

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