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Is This You?

Are you wondering why your heart guided you here?
Are you curious if what's offered could benefit you?

These are all valid thoughts. Let's see if we can bring you
some clarity so you can make the decision that's best for you.

Does this sound like you?

You often find yourself staring out the window dreaming of the day when you can answer that clarion call you hear the earth sending out to you –
day after day after day...
You feel tamed, all your wildness stripped away, like there's a rod up your back and puppet strings attached to your arms and legs.
Your life feels hollow.

You ache in the dark, secretly planning for that moment when all that requires your attention is to live your fullness in complete enraptured bliss with the sea, mountains, meadow, stream, 
lakes, desert, forest, stars...        as your companions.
You're a strong, sensitive, intuitive person and you feel lost, out of balance, disconnected, and not quite yourself.
Life has lost its sparkle, and depression and anxiety are becoming more and more prevalent.
You can feel a subtle panic rising up within you and the strong urge to run is becoming harder and harder to ignore.

What you know to be true:

You know your spirit is meant to be free!
You're most alive when you live by the tides, in harmony with nature's cycles, feeling the moon's energy pulling you as she ebbs and flows.
You recognize that you feel the most aligned to peace
, and most deeply satisfied when you live your life guided by your own heart's wisdom.
You know all these things, but you still feel stuck and lost as to how to free yourself so you can live the life you feel calling out to you.

You've tried everything,
but nothing seems to help.

You've invested time and money in self-help books and well-intentioned workshops, retreats, etc., and what you received just didn't last.​​
Maybe you chose the job (relationship, school, house, etc.) society told you was the "right" or "expected" thing to do thinking this constant existential ache would simply go away. It didn't. As the novelty of the "new" faded your soul's ache for freedom came back even stronger.
Because you believe in diversity and are open to learning from different cultures, you've tried alternative healing techniques and therapies with lukewarm and mixed results at best.
You've shared your struggles with a therapist, and your friends have most definitely lent you a kind and compassionate ear.

New hobbies, new furniture, new outlook, even moving house...
You've tried them all.
Still, nothing has satisfied your yearning.
It's hard to put into words, but you feel it when gazing out over the sea,
coming upon a miniature world amongst the mosses,
or following the moon as she sails amongst the stars.
You know in your bones that you're meant to have adventures beyond the ordinary and mundane... and you're ready!

Do you recognize yourself in these words?

If you got a full-body "YES!", or even a "Yes, but..." from reading these descriptions and you want to venture forth, explore new horizons and discover exciting new connections, there are multiple paths you can follow that have the potential to bring you that sense of understanding and awareness of wild nature you're soul is yearning for.  

To help you get started, I suggest that you sign up for a free 20-minute Exploratory Consultation. Together we will explore how best to reach your goals and bring you and the sentient Earth closer together.

You may also want to download this Quick Reference Guide from my book, The Art of Nesting: 10 Tips for Living in Alignment with Place, to help you shape your home space and your life in ways that honor you.

At the core of Earth-Heart Arts is the belief that many of us are being called to reawaken to our primal wildness at this time. It shows up in each of us differently, and to discover how is to embark on a magical journey. To live in tune with the sentient Earth is to be truly alive. What is offered here will help you on your own journey. No two journeys are alike. Follow what lights you up and you will come upon just what you need at just the right time.

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