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The Earth Mystic's Path

  Harnessing the power of divination to reveal your soul's unique 'Earth Language'.

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Are you ready to step out onto the path of an Earth Mystic? 

Are you ready to engage on a soul level with the reality of your surroundings?

Learn to see the land through YOUR eyes, YOUR body, and YOUR senses.

Perceive the Earth through YOUR heart. 

Allow the mists to clear and awaken to the wonders of your reality.


Connect with Earth using the unique, valuable, and vital power of your intuition.

Draw on your lived experiences to unearth the hidden treasures of your local landscape.

Learn to navigate your inner world by recognizing the way markers that are a bridge

between you and the outer world.

Awaken to the beauty of the sentient land around you and come to the realization

that it has always been there guiding, witnessing, and inspiring you.


You belong here now.

Your special connection to the Earth matters.

Reawakening your unique Earth Language will strengthen the bond

humanity and the Earth share.


 The Earth Mystic's Path

Each reading follows a Vesica Piscis-shaped spread that encompasses the creative emerging energies embodied within this sacred geometric expression of birth that unfolds when two separate forms come together to bring forth a new more expanded form –– a new expression of life. The Vesica Piscis is an energetic map of life –– two circles overlapping where the circumference of each circle travels through the center of the other thereby forming a portal in the center out of which new life emerges.

The Circle of Self and
The Circle of Place overlap thus forming a Vesica Piscis.

In an oracle reading the cards from the Keys to Nature Connection Oracle Deck and the Embodied Nature Connection Oracle Deck are used. Those drawn for The Circle of Self illustrate what's unfolding within you and your life, and those drawn for The Circle of Place illustrate what's present within the landscape where you are. We will look very closely at both how each pertains to your lived experience as well as how they inspire and guide your choices and body sensations. This is where we uncover the subtleties and intonations of your own unique Earth Language –– the ways in which you and the Earth connect. This is an embodied and soul-filled experience and holds the potential for significant transformation.

Where The Circle of Self and The Circle of Place overlap a space is formed –– The Portal of Becoming –– this space holds the seeds, the inspirations, and the guidance for your ever-evolving relationship with the particular landscape we're working with. This is where we find the next steps and encouragement to grow in our Earth connection and our connection with ourselves for they are both entwined together.

Hidden Factor Cards: After all the cards are drawn to complete the Vesica Piscis and Portal of Becoming, there will be two remaining cards. These two cards represent those hidden energies, the factors we're not conscious of, that are influencing our life and the land. They can provide clues as to the what, how, and why our life has been playing out in the ways that it has. 

Through looking at the actions the cards illustrate for us as well as exploring the symbols and hidden meanings within them, the path of the Earth Mystic is laid out before us. 

Are you feeling drawn to take the next step and plunge into the depths of self and place?

Step onto the path of the Earth Mystic and see where it leads you.
You will discover a whole new world that has been with you all along.

Circle of Self - Circle of Place
Oracle Card Readings

Receive a one-on-one reading and explore how your land informs your life using the Keys to Nature Connection Oracle Deck and the Embodied Nature Connection Oracle Deck.
The Keys to Nature Connection Oracle Deck and the Embodied Nature Connection Oracle Deck helps us to decode our lives by helping us understand the physical, psychological and energetic aspects of our life that are playing out by showing us our perceptions of the land through the lens of the artist, seeker, scientist, wise elder, and our own bodies. These cards offer guidance as well as validation. The Keys to Nature Connection Oracle Deck helps connect us with our outer landscape; and the Embodied Nature Connection Oracle Deck help us understand how nature is expressed within our bodies.
Come to understand your inner landscape by journeying through your outer landscape in ways that unveil the hidden truth that they are intimately connected–dynamically intertwined in a symbiotic relationship that shapes your future as well as that of the place.

When engaged in living it is important to consider the presence of a place

and its power in our life if we want a deeply nourishing and inspiring future 

and a thriving planet, vibrant with diversity and natural wonder.

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