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Coming together to remember our connection to the Earth and ourselves in order that we may assist in the birthing of a new reality that is unfolding in our lives at this time.

Connection is Key

It has become plainly obvious to us living on the Earth at this time that life as we know it is in flux and our lives are changing, growing, and metamorphosing. During these times it is important that we stay grounded and attuned to the Earth so we can maintain a level of awareness and clarity of thinking, feeling and being that is aligned with the Earth changes. Being disconnected from place right now will only help to encourage confusion, disorientation, distorted thinking, and heightened fear. By staying in close connection with the Earth through these times we can more easily ride the waves of change and recognize the truth as it arises and have the strength to overcome any challenges that develop. 

Come Together

We will come together once a month to share our experiences with the landscape. Intimate, profound exchanges we experienced will be shared with all present helping to strengthen the bonds we have with the land as well as add to the tapestry of history humanity has with the Earth. 

Come to share

Come to witness

Come to learn 

Come to grow community that holds our sacred relationship with the Earth as primary

Guidance will be offered

Space will be held

Witness consciousness will be present

Healing will be honored

Change will be embraced

Beauty will be expressed

Belonging may blossom

New directions may surface

Re-wilding of your being may take root

Share your Earth-Heart journey with others and become a part of the growing response humanity is having towards the Earth's changes and unfolding dynamic occurring all around us at this time. 


Bird's Nest
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