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Image by Sora Sagano
Nature ~ Spirit ~ Creativity

Your unique relationship with the land is a gift to this world and holds answers and hope that can empower and inspire you.

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Do you yearn for beauty, to express yourself,
to be creative, to connect with spirit,
to know your primal self by being in deep connection with wild nature again?

It doesn't matter what hats you wear,
the friends you have, the work you do, or even where you live. Through it all a conversation is happening where a relationship exists at the core of your life.

The conversation you're having is with the Earth and she is always talking to you.

Your soul is encouraging you to take that leap and answer Earth's call. 

Image by Erik Karits

Earth-Heart Arts

resource for all mystics, creatives, and seekers 

offering tools, talismans, and techniques for living a soul-crafted, nature-inspired life.


Janet MacPherson Moller

You sit out in the landscape...
listening to your heart and connecting to the earth.
It feels great, and you can feel the emptiness inside you disappearing.
You feel a deeper connection to something magical and wise and yearn to make it a bigger part of your life.

If you're like many other sensitive, intuitive, and empathic people 
who are trying to find a sense of connection and belonging,
you know the answers and the way forward lies within.

Knowing you're not alone can be what energizes and
propels you forward.

I empathize with your desire, with this yearning to be "home",
to be free – to be one with the land, sea, and sky again,
to be fully you – to be fully known.

It's exciting and it's possible.
I know this because it's already happening.
It's what's brought you here! 


Mission Statement
To help people awaken to their own unique relationship with Earth, thereby instilling within them the truth that all of life is sacred and that Earth is a sentient being that speaks to and thru each of us in ways made perceptible through our intuition, felt sensations, thought patterns and awakened imagination.

Enchant, enrich, and empower your life! 

10 Tips for Living in Alignment with Place

A Quick Reference Guide

Excerpt from the book:

The Art of Nesting: 10 Tips for Living in Alignment with Place

Learn more here.

The land 
is integral to our lives.

We are integral to our environments.

When we embrace one, we discover truths about the other.

This leads to true belonging.

With the heart-centered, consciousness-expanding techniques of creativity, divination, intuition, self-discovery, and compassion offered here, you will meet the Earth and learn who you really are and "who" and "what" the Earth really is.

Through your embodied experiences you will discover that the Earth is sentient and that it's your birthright to connect with her in all of her beauty and fullness.

Explore the options below and see where your heart leads you.


Image by Daiga Ellaby

Explore the mystical landscape, strengthen your intuition, and deepen your knowledge of the Earth through books, self-guided journaling, divination, and meditation.


Strengthen your intuition and nourish your connection with Nature using oracle cards.
Oracle cards are a beautiful and transformative way of engaging in deep, soul-satisfying dialogue with the magical, subtle realms of the Earth.

Woman walking on sand beach_edited.jpg

Reveal your soul's unique "Earth Language" using
the power of divination.

See your life in a whole new light as you explore your inner
landscape by journeying thro
ugh your outer landscape
with a Circle of Self ~ Circle of Place Oracle Card Reading.   

Tree Spirit Painting.JPG

Intuitive art co-created with the Spirits of Place and Time.
Here creativity is an act of engaging in dialogue with the Earth, and by doing so we build relationships where our shared heart space is made visible. 


Beach stone jewelry that connects you to nature's beauty.
Surf-tumbled Stones ~ Hand-painted Designs
All One-of-a-kind 

The Earth speaks to you in a way that is unique only to you.
When you tune into her your inner light shines brighter!

Be here now.
Lay down all that you know.
Open to the wonder.
Open to the underlying presence.
Let it all in!

If Earth-Heart Arts has stirred curiosity in you
and you feel a sense of relief at finally finding something you resonate with, then I hope you'll join me in whatever way feels right to you. 


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Thanks for joining me! I'm glad you're here.


Dedicated to supporting you in reclaiming your primal self
through reawakening you to the sentient presence
of your local landscape!

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